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Scoop Mailbox: Fraud Floyd Has Been Exposed!

Dear Scoop; A lot of people/writers are exposing the truth about mayweather now, but the original is you scoop! you we’re the first among these people now who exposed the fraud since 2006 when everybody was saying the he is the best as pound for pound without fighting the best and ducking class A fighters! mayweather is a fraud and it takes years before these so called boxing purist or expert to realized it but it was you scoop who originate the name fraud to mayweather! -Ryan

Scoop Reply: Thank you for the recognition. As far as I know, I was the first to call Floyd a “fraud.” Wish it wasn’t true and we got to see Mayweather put his skills against the best. Mayweather canceled several exciting events which was a huge disappointment to the evolution of the sport. With Mayweather out of the picture, boxing will thrive again though.
Scoop there is an interest building on mayweather vs martinez right now! will mayweather duck martinez again? al haymon should pit mayweather on martinez to get back their lost integrity and for the sake of black slick fighter identity or maybe hopkins would like to fight this argintinian white warrior to make a stand on his idea about american black fighters! hopkins can’t win on white european slick style boxers and joe calzaghe made fun on him at mgm grand with joe hand down and his face wide open for hopkins to hit, bernard can even touch and hit him, that fight was so embarassing for hopkins and he have to throw excuses though he was way below joe calzaghe style and talents and remember he is a black american figheter. hopkins will be slaughtered by martinez even if the fight will be at cruiserweight or light heavyweight! hopkins and mayweather will surely ducked martinez!

Scoop Reply: Forget about Floyd stepping up like a warrior to face Martinez. Floyd’s a shattered man, the whole world knows he is a coward and though he may put on a cocky confident mask, deep down he knows he’s a coward. Floyd will never be a factor in this sport again, he has given away the psychological edge to Pac, the fight is over without a punch. Though Floyd spared himself being officially knocked out, now he has to deal with a haunting truth: A coward dies a thousand deaths. Hopkins is declined now but if Martinez came along 5-7 years earlier, Hopkins vs. Martinez at 160 would have been epic.
Bernard Hopkins has some issues with eastern europeans and asians doing so well in boxing.its obvious…his behaviour says it all…for me its a racial thing…he believes that blacks are the best fighters… V.A.

Scoop Reply: You might be correct. I don’t get the feel that Bopkins is overjoyed by the outstanding successes of the Klitschkos and Manny Pacquiao, he might even be envious. I don’t recall ever hearing him praise Wladimir’s intelligent cautious wrecking machine style, which in some ways is similar to the Hopkins style which many have termed “boring” as they have for Wladimir. Also, no matter how spectacularly dynamic and amazing Pacquiao’s performances are, it’s unlikely to expect to hear Hopkins praise him appropriately. It’s just not his style. Bopkins doesn’t really praise any modern era greats, he’s throwback/old school, still loving Robinson, Walcott and the old timers.
Scoop, I’m writing an article about Pacquiao and just want to get your opinion. Where do you think Pacquiao stands among the greatest in the sport after his win against margarito – Oliver Dailo Suarez

Scoop Reply: One man winning world titles in eight divisions from junior fly to super welter – with two classes skipped over – is something that even the smartest expert or historian would have once thought to be an impossible achievement. And now the self-proclaimed best fighter of this era Floyd Mayweather is afraid to even try to box Manny Pacquiao for a paycheck of approximately $40 million. After witnessing the style, speed, intelligence, courage, power, accuracy and spectacular performances vs. Cotto, Hatton, De La Hoya and now Margarito – I’ve seen enough. Yes, Manny Pacquiao could very well be and probably is the greatest fighter in the history of boxing. At the very least he’s in the echelon of Robinson, Duran, Leonard, Louis, Ali, Sanchez, Armstrong, etc. Even more than that Pac is the ultimate symbol of the excellence of a champion as an athlete and human being and there has never been a finer ambassador who represents the good of the sport like Manny Pacquiao.

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