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Scoop Mailbox De Ja Voo: Floyd Is Cornered Again

Posted on 05/21/2010

Exactly Scoop…but I believe Floyd could still find a way out of the trap Scoop. Winkky Rocal Moncayo

Scoop Says: As we know, ducking and dodging opponents at the height of their powers, who can brutally beat him up is what Floyd do best. Despite what most everyone in boxing believes, I still firmly believe this fight is not going to happen on account of the uncontrollable fear, cowardice and profound admiration that Duckweather has for the man that is everything he wishes he could be: Manny Pacquiao.

Your personal dislike for Mayweather has gone on for years, don’t you ever learn? Every opportunity you get you discredit the man and him on the other hand keeps winning and embarrassing your shoddy articles and predictions….it’s time to grow up and respect the man for what he is a boxer nothing more nothing less..Is it too difficult for you to see that most of the antics are just an act to sell the fight and in return line his pockets? Floyd doesn’t care if he gets booed, all that matters to him is that people are paying to see him fight, he got booed worse in the Hatton fight and it never fazed him and i dont see it ever fazing him, Whats a fact is the brand Floyd is known and worth millions, it might be known for all the wrong reasons but fact of the matter is its known all the same.
You sure are a sad case, jealousy never gets you anywhere, just for your info Pacquiao already agreed to blood and urine test, the only contentious issue was the cut of date… the issue here is no longer why Floyd brought up the blood tests because Manny already agreed to that but rather why will he agree to blood tests but not want them to be random with a cut off date? Irrespective of why team Floyd started with this is irrelevant now because he has stated from now onwards all his fights will be screened, we saw that with the Mosley fight and its him who puts his life on the line every time he steps into that squared circle and he has all the right in the world to protect himself. If Floyd was doing something so outrageous hasn’t it occurred to you that the commissions will step in and intervene? If Manny is so confident he can knock out Floyd why doesn’t he just take the blood test and knock the guy out and at the same time cleanse his name of the wrong perception that he is on something.
Collen Ngwenya

Scoop Says:
While Mayweather is no doubt very good I still believe he is a fraud to some degree. His refusal to fight the best most dangerous competition who are in their prime can’t be ignored. He has artfully dodged Casamayor, Freitas, Tszyu, Harris. Cotto, Margarito and now Pacquiao. Mosley was 38 and looked it.
Throughout the history of boxing, no great lightweight or welterweight champ was ever still great by the time they reached their mid 30s ( for ex: Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Pryor, Trinidad, Whitaker, Quartey, Arguello, etc. were all shells by their mid 30s and so was the once great Mosley at 38). Until Mayweather shuts up and fights someone who has the capability to knock him out or give him a prolonged tough fight and is not over 35 – Pacquiao or Williams – we will never know how good or overrated he really is. By continually ducking the most risky opponents, it shows Mayweather is a protected, businessman/coward, manufactured champion, unlike a true fearless champion who takes on any threat out there (Lewis, Hopkins, Holyfield, Oscar, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Klitschkos, Trinidad, to name a few).
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Riddle me this though: Why did Manny take 4 months to give in to 14 days. If he did this in January, we would’ve had the fight in March. -Brandon

Scoop Says: I guess maybe it’s something like: Why should I be dictated to by this punk Duckweather? Why should Duckweather call all the shots, the date? Now maybe it’s personal for Pac, and he has something to prove and won’t let any more deceptive schemes from floyd stop the fight.
Hey Scoop, what’s up?? I bet it hurt your heart to have to write a ‘good’ (but short) article about Mayweather CONSIDERING you picked Mosley to KO him?? After ALL of the ‘hate’ articles you’ve written about Mayweather over the years it was GREAT to see you have to eat crow!! I can already see your upcoming articles chiding and discrediting Mayweather as the negotiations go forward towards a fall matchup with Manny Pacquiao, followed by a PREDICTION of Pacquiao KOING him. I hope your Mayweather ‘good’ article after that fight is longer than the one you wrote after the Mosley fight. -Robert Jackson

Scoop Says: Hi Robert; I did not predict a Shane KO. Intially thought Mosley could KO Floyd – if he was the same fighter he was against Margarito. But obviously, Mosley was nothing remotely close to the same as he gassed by round 4. 38 is a high age for welters and lightweights, as none of the greats of those divisions were special anymore by the time they reached their mid 30s (for ex: Leonard, Duran, Benitez, Tszyu, Trinidad, Whitaker, Quartey, Arguello, Pryor, etc.) We should all expect Floyd to accept the Pacquiao challenge now. If he ducks it again now that the 14-day has been agreed to by Pac, the truth of the matter is Floyd is a coward and a fraud in the face of Pacquiao. Hope he steps up and gives the fight everyone wants to see. But the silence from the Floyd camp since Pac agreed to 14 days is not a positive sign. Remember the absolute silence from Floyd/Ellerbe when Pacquiao agreed to March 13 as the date?

When it is all said and done, Floyd will beat Pacquiao and the people who have never had the experience of facing another person in the ring, will wondered what happened. Let’s not feed into the intimidation etc. The only people who are intimidated are the people who write this stuff but have never laced on a pair of gloves. It kills me when members of the media write about fighters heart or lack thereoff. Most of them have never been in a fist fight. It easy to be a paper tiger sitting behind a laptop.

At Floyd’s level it is basically about maximizing your take from revenue generated.

Isn’t ironic that Teddy Atlas and Manny Steward (two former boxers) have spoken about Pacman’s deficiences and how Floyd would exploit them?

You have to love Bob Arum and how he has used the media to create a superhero. Amazing job by Arum.

Trust me, Floyd will ko Pacquiao. – George

Scoop Says: Intimidation happens often when two gladiators meet. Haye is beyond intimidated by Klitschko – he’s backed out of three fights now. There are countless examples of intimidation and Floyd’s worry about Pacquiao is just the latest example.

If Pacquiao were just a media created superhero, Floyd would have signed the contract last summer instead of handpicking Marquez.

Scoop, the people I talk to including yourself tell me two things that the negotiations for a November fight against Pacquiao are going a lot smoother than the previous negotiations, and, the Sergio Martinez option is still on the table. I think that Floyd will end up fighting Martinez in the fall rather than Pacquiao, I don’t see a Pacquiao fight being made with a 14 day cutoff, last person I talked to unofficially stated that Team Mayweather will go 7 days no higher. What that means to me is that the cutoff if it’s worked out will be somewhere around 10-12 days.

Scoops Says:
Martinez is what 35 or 36? So that would be a typical Floyd move — though not nearly as much $ as a Pacquiao fight. I’d like to see Floyd vs. Martinez sort of, it’s a good fight. But Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is THE SUPER FIGHT of all SUPER FIGHTS. 7-10-12-14, just make the damn fight.
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