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Scoop Mailbox: Could HBO KO Floyd?

I could only infer two things from this reaction from the mayweather camp. They have consulted with their lawyers and they know, they’ll get a beating in court. At the very least, their lawyers could not assure them of a win, which translates to having a very risky proposition on their hands. Having said that, i could imagine there’s now a divisive spirit in their camp. If you would notice, before at the forefront of the black propaganda was Schaefer and Oscar dela hoya. Now, the mouthpiece is directly from Mayweather Promotions. It makes sense to speculate there’s now finger pointing in their camp. Bob Arum if he is really a wise executive should see through this develpment and capitalize on the division in their adversary. Further, it would seem there is an unseen hand pressuring them to make this fight and obviously not sold in their idea of fighting in England with Matthew Hatton. There’s no other pressure which could make this except HBO. HBO had been supporting Mayweather until now. And investments had been made. They need to cash in and they would not be making a significant bottom line contribution with Floyd fighting patsies. Floyd’s last fight was a hard sell. Despite claims of 0.9M PPV buy in, bottom line contribution for HBO was marginal. MGM was not even full despite a 1000 complimentary tickets distributied by GBP. Nevertheless, Mayweather would still grab any opportunity to duck Manny. He would want to appear the one who wants the fight, but the real score is, he wants to have the appropriate excuse to make with HBO.

Floyd has boxed himself in, with the litigation, pressure from HBO, division with GBP, and his motivation not to fight Pacquiao. Floyd knows if he fights it would almost be the end of the line for him. Manny had shown his superior skills with his victory over Cotto. In actuality, Floyd would not want to touch Manny with a 10-ft pole. But, on the other hand if he does that, its a goodbye from HBO, and without HBO, Floyd would be alone with only one asset, his loudmouth, which is a liability rather than an asset. There seems to be no silver lining for the loudmouth and coward boxer of the decade. If Bob Arum plays his hand right, Floyd can be manipulated to a disadvantage if ever he goes for the juggernaut, in fighting Pacquiao. Either way, Floyd had reached his summit, and its a steep hill going down. Finally, the words of his daddy, the senior, will come to a fruition. This was when they had a conflict and Floyd fired the services of daddy. Senior said, soon Floyd will be walking around the street of grand rapids begging and out of money. I say, divine justice is perfect in deed and in timing. -Dave
Scoop Reply: This letter is more interesting than many if not most of the vanilla boxing articles in the New York Daily News, Post, Times. Absolutely brilliant. And I agree, HBO has the power to force this fight to happen. And they have the power to KO Floyd. Floyd is nothing without HBO.
Dear Scoop,
First of all Happy New Year.
I just want to share with you my thoughts regarding this mess with Pacquiao vs Mayweather and about Golden Boy.
1. Mayweather is supposed to be bigger than Pacquiao, isn’t it that Pacquiao should be the one to ask for any other demands because Mayweather is bigger than Pacquiao? How come the bigger guy now becomes the whinner? I don’t understand.
2. If you look at history of Filipino boxers and champions, Filipinos fought much taller and bigger opponents. I would say if not for the weight classes, you will see Filipinos fight opponents much taller and bigger than them.
3. Pacquiao didn’t really disagree with the blood test. He just dont want it too close to the fight because he feels weakened. Everybody have our own fears and superstitious belief. Why is a blood test right after the fight not enough? If Manny cheats then he can be caught right after the fight. So the honor and championship will be given to Mayweather. This just clearly tell us that Mayweather don’t really wanna fight Pacquiao. He is not really concerned about the drugs he is really concerned about losing.
4. I think Floyd should not be given a boxing license. He is not professional. I think the standard for boxing should be raised to certain extent. If you are called a professional it will not be ethical for you to call your fellow professional a cheater or accused him of anything else. Hyping a fight should not resort to false accusations or unfounded stories.
5. Pacquiao is a true champion, true professional, and a true sportsman. You will never hear Pacquiao belittle his opponents or insults them. Eventhough how these people talks bad about Pacquiao you will never hear Pacquiao fighting back with insults and undesirable comments. In victory Pacquiao never humiliates his opponents.
6. Oscar de la Hoya and Golden Boy. Not too long ago that these company claimed to save boxing. Claimed to treat boxers fair. Lately if you looked at their promotions they are doing injustices. Not just that they promote one-sided and lopsided matches but their boxers won most of the times through worst and ridiculous decisions.
7. Oscar de la Hoya the professional that he is sounds like not a real man and a sportsman. One day he said he is not hurt then the other day he said he felt those Pacquiao’s punches because maybe of supplements. Has he forgotten that right after the fight, Pacquiao told him that he is still his idol? Pacquiao never humiliate his opponents after his victory instead Pacquiao always shows respect.
8. Oscar de la Hoya is not a real professional. I don’t understand why he acquired Ring Magazine. Conflict of interest is clearly an issue. So everytime Ring Magazine writes something or have their ratings people will always have second thought of its objectivity. I commented about this on one of Mr. Rosenthals articles. One line in that column said something that Pacquiao should just do the test and sounded like he is blaming Pacquiao. I told Mr. Rosenthal that I thought he or Ring does not have the right to give opinions regarding Pacquiao vs Mayweather because they part of Golden Boy Promotions. I told him that no matter how objective they are as long as they are owned by Golden Boy Promotions people will always have their second thoughts about their articles.
Thank you Scoop.
Scoop reply: The answer to most of your points is simple: Floyd is pretending to want the fight. Does anyone really believe Pacquiao, if he was a cheat and this fight is signed, would try to take a steroid during training camp – with all the media scrutiny which is going to focus on him? NO. And let me repeat, based on his reputation, actions, statements, history of negative tests and my 45 minute phone interview with Alex Ariza, I am 1,000% sure Pac is and always has been clean and honest. If ever he’s proven not I’ll take a year leave of absense.
Hey Scoop, I think Schaefer is the devil incarnate. He very well knew that the fight was going to be stalled so he didn’t bother showing up at the last minute to go to Dallas for a look at the stadium. I hate this guy. -Allen C
Scoop Reply: True that was the first clue. I always thought they ducked Dallas because they wanted to negate the 100,000 screaming fans support for Pac factor. Schaefer really really damaged his reputation in the last month, but he’s not as evil as you interpret. Hopefully he will conduct himself in a way in the future that redeems himself. If that’s possible.
Hi Scoop, I really liked your article about Mayweather ruining his career by being an idiot.
Would you be willing to write about this petition too?
Thanks, Kevin Riley
Scoop Reply: Thanks Kevin. I signed your petition.
Contact Scoop: [email protected]

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