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Scoop Mailbox: Amir Khan was Buster Douglas-like?

Posted on 12/13/2010
For some reason, the specialized boxing press (not the national
papers, though) in this country stayed behing Haye throughout all the
Harrison farce and tried to defend him and somehow justify his
actions. Even Lennox Lewis and  small promoters, who perceive
hayemaker  not like a dangerous competitor but rather as an
opportunity to get their own fights televised (such the George Groves
Commonwealth defense that should have been televised on Sky on its own
before opponent withdrawal with an undercard provided by Dave Coldwell
and my mate Fearon of Hard Knocks )were careful to state their loyalty
to haye through the media. It’s easy to understand the
economic/political reasons behind it. Also, a British World
Heavyweight champion is such a rare specimen that must be protected,
like an endangered species.The fan were backing up both Harrison and
Chisora out of spite for the lack of consistency of david, but Wlad
pulling out has now facilitated a backlash from anybody who has an
interest in siding with Haye and the casual fans are getting caught by
the tide and turning against Klitschko.
Well: I am disappointed for once and I am no fool.
i understood Chisora was picked as a mean for Wlad to be present of
the UK scene and corner Haye. That has backfired big time.
Now what? – Ezio
Scoop Reply: Wlad almost can’t win anymore. No matter what he does, they will complain. If he dominates, knocks everyone out in the first round – they whine that the era of contenders sucks. If Wlad boxes and wins decisions, they whine he is too passive. If he gets injured and postpones a fight, Lord have Mercy. A large segment of the sports world has been conditioned to hate the Klitschkos, despite the fact they bring incredible class, skill, dignity, generosity, and a remarkable, better-than-Hollywood story. They personify what a champion is supposed to be and are outstanding role models and inspirations for the world to look at. You’re right, Haye is almost akin to an endangered species and must be protected and coddled from dangerous threats.
Scoop, Maidana could actually finished khan last night if he selected to focus another very big power shot after he landed the first one in round ten but he was too excited and in a hurry. he should only try to follow and scared the retreating khan with relaxed forward feet with khan backpedalling which could tire him more. a little bit of planning for a kill in the last 30 second of the ten round would make maidana the winner but sometimes it takes smart for a fighter to finish another fighter, maidana was too eager, he should have landed few big wallop shots than making lots of average punch after he landed the big punch. khan was focused on defense and survival in he ten round. big opportunity by maidana last night!
Scoop Reply: Maidana is a known killer, his knockout record is a testament to that. Instead of criticizing that Maidana blew his chance for the KO, I think we should give full credit to the incredible survival skills and determination of Khan who simply refused to lose and was a brick wall in that thrilling tenth round. Khan took Maidana’s best shots and will win the rematch,
Scoop, You and I can agree on on thing we both have our opinion and they don’t match LOL. Ken Norton HOF…Oscar Bonavena…HOF Haye? Valuev? Ruiz? Byrd?…HOF Material? I think not! Lewis cleaned up the division. The cupboard was bare when Klitschko got there. The “Heavyweight” division is as insignificant as it’s ever been. Chris Kotsopolous,PA
Scoop Reply: Actually Haye probably will be Hall of Fame as a HWT & “undisputed” Cruiserweight champ. Byrd too as an OLY middleweight silver medalist who won the HWT title twice. Ruiz may be too as he won the title two or three times and beat Holyfield and overcame a 14 second KO loss early in career to Tua. The cupboard is never bare my friend, that’s an insult. These guys all trained and worked hard their whole lives for this. But when they get to the mountain top to fight the Klitschkos they get slaughtered. If you were bombarded with seeing all the excellent performance of the Ks over and over on ESPN classic (like they show Ali and Tyson) you would really understand and appreciate their genius and how they have made this rough tough sport look so simple. The hwt division is never insignificant, it’s always the greatest field in all of sports. But the media now in the US does not want to portray and promote the greatness of the Klitschkos, for whatever reasons.
What did you make of last night Scoop? I couldn´t believe that Khan took those punches. I still think he looks vulnerable, his defence is suspect at times. But anyway, I thought it was possibly the fight of the year. -Ben J.
Scoop Reply: Very impressed by Khan in many ways. Great fight by both. Khan was so impressive it’s very unlikely he will be able to get a fight with Mayweather in 2011 as has been mentioned by Schaefer. Too risky for Floyd. Major credit must go to Roach who has really made Khan a better, more complete, more confident fighter. Imagine the sparring and time with Manny Pacquiao has helped sharpen and season Khan immeasurably.
Your obsession with Floyd clouds your judgment and impairs your writing—but how can u write this: “Khan was sharp and very impressive, this performance was similar to Douglas over Tyson”??????
how does tyson/douglas have any connection to the khan fight?  -Eric S.
Scoop Reply: I wrote that because I think Khan picked apart and peppered his shots with grunting vs. Maidana somewhat similar to how Douglas did to Tyson, if you remember that fight (lol). The fight had a similar pattern of the taller skilled boxer vs. the smaller, more potent puncher. Maidana was good enough to create his desperate late rally in the 10th – like Tyson also did in Tokyo when he dropped Buster – but it was not enough and Khan & Douglas were too good, too strong and too determined to overcome anything to win.
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