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Scoop Mailbox: Ali Knew The Danger Of Easy Fights

Posted on 01/14/2011


Scoop; you’ve written a very nice article again today explaining precisely what’s inside in the heart and mind of floyd mayweather and why he remained a coward for these past few years and your realization about him brutally knockout by pacquaio brought him nightmares and insomia that’s why we can’t blame floyd about his temper, irritability, madness, paranoia and feistiness that resulted with run down with the law due to lack of sleep because i think floyd would not even want to sleep nowadays coz even in sleeping he will got to see the face of manny pacquiao and this scares him a lot thus he don’t want to sleep anymore too. the constant barrage of manny pacquaio picture with his gloves on in the mind and brain of floyd when he’s awake or even asleep resulted in a psychological trauma and abnormality in his daily psyho-social lifesyle. he is haunted and there is no place to hide! -Ryan Arguelles
Scoop Reply: Floyd’s whole world has been turned upside down since Al Haymon, Floyd Sr., Schaefer and Ellerbe failed to make the bogeyman threat of Pac go away. From now on, Floyd will be haunted and cursed and everywhere he goes people will ask, When are you fighting Manny Pacquiao. There’s no escape but to dig down and face the wrath of the humble good man he slandered and defamed with lies. A coward dies a thousand deaths.
Its not that America isn’t producing Tyson-Hagler-Leonard-Holmes dominant quality champions any more, I believe fighters such as the names you mentioned were born champions and they all were placed in the care of Teachers not Trainers/cheerleaders, America isn’t producing “Cus” D’Amato or Eddie Futch Great teachers of the squared circle anymore, the last of the Teachers is Freddie Roach and his student Manny Pac is about to Graduate and once that happen I believe the school of greatness will be closed until the hype men man up and start to study from the book of greatness and not the book of cheer leading. If Tyson-Hagler-Leonard or Holmes would have been trained by any of the hype men that’s working corners for 10% of nothing today they still might have grab the belts but they would have never tasted Greatness. Scoop just think about it Left hook-Roy-Hopkins all took a lost from a man that was trained by a Jazz musician, that’s like Trey Songz beating me up hahaha, the reason we don’t have great match ups is because the hype men/Trainers do not have confidence in themselves so just like anybody who is all talk they just want to compete against the people thats weaker or has no way of winning. – Richard Pierson
Scoop Reply:  Very well said. Where have all the great teachers of boxing gone? Who knows, maybe seeing the devastating excellence of Mike Tyson, Lennox Lewis and the Klitschkos over the last two decades has discouraged many aspiring young boxers from pursuing the sport and consequently the “teachers” do not have enough suitable students to work with.
 Exactly Scoop (Regarding article: “Muhammad Ali: Easy Handpicked Fights Can Ruin A Fighter”). I remember when I used to play a lot of tennis, I would try play with people of either equal level or higher. Because if you start to go against lower caliber players you’re game suffers. Because when you play against people of higher caliber, they would completely dominate you. Once I started to play against better players, my level of play improved dramatically. -Bill Ma

Scoop Reply: True Bill, tennis analogy is perfect. You just don’t really get better or gain true confidence by beating opponents you know you can. Sure you stay sharp and active but you ONLY really gain confidence by calculating and overcoming opponents who you are not sure you can win against. Floyd ducks or is protected from all opponents who he is not sure he can win against. Pac fights anyone and everyone. He would fight Klitschko if he had to. Hopkins and Holyfield are the same way. This is why they are true respected extrardinary champions and Floyd is a protected manufactured fraud coward.

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