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SA Welcomes Manny Pacquiao At LAX Airport

Posted on 01/18/2010

By Ryan Arguelles

Huge welcome at Los Angeles Airport today on the eve of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday for Manny Pacquiao accompanied by his entourage.

Fans and supporters came in by large numbers to greet the arrival of the number one pound for pound champion in the world and the current WBO welterweight champion.

The crowd was the biggest so far from the previous arrival of Manny Pacquiao in the past. It just shows that the people did not believe all the accusations and allegations of the Mayweather Camp and the Golden Boy Promotion company on their smear campaign to diminish Pacquiao’s accomplishments inside the ring, it seems that it had no effect afterall.

The fans and supporters have shown more support and love to Manny as the record crowd swelled to record numbers once Manny Pacquiao and entourage came out from the Immigration & Customs counter, and this happened despite that it was raining in the Los Angeles area. How much more crowd could have been expected if it didn’t rain?

Pacquiao will attend the two press tours scheduled the following day at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas and the next day at Madison Square Garden in New York City for his fight against Joshua Clottey of Accra, Ghana (but based in New York City).

It would be interesting to know how Floyd Mayweather Jr, his camp and Golden Boy Promotion feel about more love and support of the fight fans and supporters thrown at Manny Pacquaio and that all their bad intenttion has no effect afterall.

I think they will pass hearing this news because it’s Sunday evening and tomorrow is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. Maybe Floyd Mayweather Jr. will say something to himself that, “I Have A Dream,” I wish that I could have that crowd of Manny Pacquiao everytime I would arrived at an airport.

But, as of right now Floyd, that will remain a dream unless you stop ducking opponents.

I have a dream! Yes, I have a dream, that one day Floyd will have the courage to fight Manny Pacquiao and stop being a cheat, a fraud and a coward!

Yes, I have a dream. Happy Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Day to all!

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