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Ryan Garcia On Gervonta Davis: “I’m Going To Knock Him Out”

By: Sean Crose

“He has his story and I’m glad that he’s accomplishing a lot,” Ryan Garcia said of future opponent Gervonta Davis on Tuesday. “Where he’s come from really shows he’s put in a lot of effort and I salute him for that…but everything he’s built, I’ve built.” Garcia was speaking to the media during a public workout session to promote his super fight against Davis later this month. “I’m going to catch him,” Ryan Garcia said when asked how the fight between the two popular, undefeated fighters will play out. “I’m going to knock him out.”

He may have graciously given Davis credit for working hard and making a success of himself, but Garcia also indicated that he doesn’t feel Davis is the sharpest tool in the shed – or perhaps even the most disciplined. “That man look pregnant,” he said of footage of Davis in training camp. “I’m on point, ahead of the schedule.” To illustrate the point, Garcia uttered these words by eating freshly made tacos. The hard hitting young fighter then went on to knock Davis’ intelligence. “He’s easy to fool,” Garcia said of Davis. ” He’s like dumb. Literally…he’s gullible.” He seemed rather subdued on Tuesday, but Garcia was obviously willing to say what he felt he had to in order to promote the fight with Davis.

Davis-Garcia is one of the biggest fights in the sport in years. Indeed, this might prove to be the most notable ring battle since Floyd Mayweather stopped Conor McGregor back in 2017. The match is, without doubt, a major event in the sport. There’s good reason for this to be the case. Neither Garcia nor Davis has lost a single fight. What’s more, each man is young, popular and hard hitting enough to take down a wall.

Davis is unquestionably the favorite heading into the fight, but Garcia, whose left hand is thunderous, remains self assured. “You gotta create ways to make him run into it,” Garcia said of his power punch.

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