Roach: Floyd Won’t Come To The Table

It’s a carefully concealed secret that Floyd Mayweather has zero intentions of committing to a showdown with Manny Pacquiao, but we know the truth. And so does Freddie Roach. Of course, Freddie Roach will always give you the truth, seldom with any sugar coating. And that’s the way we like it.

Let’s go back in time. Earlier in 2009, when Manny Pacquiao was seeking a dance partner after brutally sending Oscar De La Hoya into his promoter’s office full time. Team Pac-Man wasn’t interested in the David Diaz’s or Juan Manuel Marquez’s of the boxing world.

First they tried to pin down the frustratingly elusive Mayweather to a fight date, before settling on the more dangerous option. At last week’s Pacquiao-Cotto press conference at Yankee Stadium, Roach stated, “We want big fights. Mayweather won’t come to the table. So we couldn’t get him. It’s between Shane and Cotto. Cotto brings a lot more money to the table. So that’s why we picked this. It’s the bigger fight. It’s a business.”

Why Mayweather won’t dare come to the table and try to negotiate a lucrative deal with Pacquiao (or Cotto) is a question that the little bugger will hopefully have to address on Saturday night from Max Kellerman.

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