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Rene Alvarado Interview: (I’ll) come out with my hand raised

By: Francisco Martinez

The rugged Nicaragua native Rene Alvarado finds himself with one more opportunity which he expects to be his last if not successful in winning. After winning the WBC silver and international silver titles Rene has been unable to make the next step up. With a pair of losses to Eric Hunter and journey man Ricardo “Rocky” Juarez Rene finds himself with an opportunity to revive his career as he steps into the ring against undefeated Olympian Joseph Diaz on the undercard of Mauricio Herrera vs. Hank Lundy live on HBO Latino. was at hand for the live press conference team Alvarado held today. Here’s what Rene Alvarado had to say.

rene “We’re here with Rene Alvarado. How do you feel going into this fight against an Olympian like Joseph Diaz who’s young and has a great future ahead of him and potential. How do feel facing a fighter like him?”

Rene Alvarado: “Well I’m really happy with Golden Boy promotions who are giving me a great opportunity of being apart of their show once again. I have to take advantage of this opportunity. If I’m victorious this will be great for me” “What words can you say about your fight against Rocky Juarez a fight that most expected you to win but instead turned out to be a difficult one and you couldn’t get the victory?”

(Ricardo “Rocky” Juarez is just that, “Rocky”. A fighter who managed to go further in his career then most expected but at this point in his career has seen better days. Rene in his fight against “Rocky” Juarez was the opportunity to obtain his first title shot and was expected to win in fashionable form. Instead found himself in a drag out beat down type of fight and one he did not manage to win. Losing his WBC silver featherweight (126lbs) title in the process which send him back to the bottom and now having to make his way back up the ladder)

Rene Alvarado: “Well it was a difficult fight. I think it was his night. He did a great job. We tried to give our best but we couldn’t” “You’ve have many opportunities. You’ve gone as far as to win the WBC silver and WBC international silver titles but when it’s time to make that next step into your career you haven’t taken advantage of it. Now you find yourself in the same situation, what are you going to do different this time to make sure you will make it to the next step into your career?”

Rene Alvarado: “Well I will make sure to not make the same mistakes like in the past. I will make good this time. Give a great performance and come out with my hand raised” “What pressure is it being from Nicaragua being that you guys have great champions like Alexis Arguello, right now Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, Ricardo Mayorga, what honor is it to be from Nicaragua and how important is it to make that next step into your career and make something happen for Nicaragua?”

Rene Alvarado: “It’s an honor to be Nicaraguan. I want to follow the steps of Alexis Arguello, Roman Gonzalez, El Chocolatito and like they say in Nicaragua we’re here to fight” “Can you share a little bit of the strategy you will take going into this fight against Joseph Diaz? Many people say this is your last opportunity to fight at this level so what strategy will you apply in this fight?”

Rene Alvarado: “It’s all about preparation. We’ve had our best training camp and we have great conditioning so we can maintain a good rhythm through out the whole fight. We will also wait and see what he brings into the fight” “Growing up was Alexis Arguello a great influence on you?”

Rene Alvarado: “Yes he was. In Nicaragua Arguello is our idol. Any boxer out there will know Arguello and his legacy” “What are your thoughts on Ricardo El Matador Mayorga’s career?”

Rene Alvarado: “Well he had a lot of success but he couldn’t take advantage of his opportunities. I think he had a real great career” “How do you feel about Roman El Chocolatito Gonzalez career being that he’s one of the best at the moment?”

Rene Alvarado: “He’s an excellent fighter. He has great talent which is why he is undefeated and has a big heart even though he is small” “Do you have any last word for the fans back home in Nicaragua?”

Rene Alvarado: “I send my best wishes all the way from Los Angeles and thank you for your support and watch the fight and I will give it my all” “Thank you champ and good luck”

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