Remember Floyd Said God Doesn’t Want Him To Lose?

“I sit back and think sometimes, God doesn’t want me to lose,” stated Floyd Mayweather earlier this year to the Associated Press news agency. “I believe that in my heart. Every morning I thank God for what I have, because God doesn’t make mistakes.”

So why does Floyd now worry about a mistake happening in the Super Bowl of Boxing?

What has changed?

Matthew Hatton or Manny Pacquiao – what is the difference if God doesn’t make mistakes and won’t let him lose?

Why not just phone Richard Schaefer and Travis Tygart and tell them, Quit worrying, God doesn’t want me to lose? I know I will beat Manny Pacquiao?

Has Floyd suddenly lost the faith?

Has some great and powerful force come along and scared the logic and sense out of Floyd Mayweather and left him a fearful, frightened coward desperate for help and protection?

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