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Quotes from Adamek – Gunn Press Conf 7-8-09

Quotes from Adamek – Gunn Press Conference 7-8-09

Breadman Café, Hudson Bread, North Bergen, NJ

“Bobby Gunn is a lot of fun. We’ve gotten to know him recently during the preparation for this fight. I believe from everything that he told me that he is going to make Saturday night memorable for everybody.”

“I can’t take sole credit for bringing boxing back to Newark. A big part of the reason is the great fighter beside me. Tomasz Adamek came to us over a year ago with my partner in this promotion, Ziggy Rozalski, I am grateful for that. And the reason boxing in Newark is doing as well as it is because of one person. Tomasz Adamek is the reason the fans come out. They come out because every time he steps in the ring it’s exciting, it’s compelling. That crowd that comes to see him make it so exciting. He and the crowd feed off each other somehow. It is just electrifying to be in the room! And we’re all going to be there on Saturday because we want to experience that again.”

“Tomasz Adamek is the greatest Cruiserweight out there. We are making an effort to bring more and more Cruiserweights into the area in keeping with our very, very strong belief that Cruiserweights today are what the Heavyweights used to be. I think what’s wrong with boxing is that there is no strong heavyweight division anymore, those fights are so boring. I think it’s hurt the sport. I think we can fix it tomorrow if we could just rename the cruiserweight division the heavyweights and make the heavyweights, the super heavyweights. Because frankly the greatest heavyweights of all time were cruiserweights under today’s system, they all either were 200 pounds or could have made it. Jack Dempsey, Marciano, Evander Holyfield. I think you need the punch that the heavyweights have and the athleticism that the cruiserweights have. The monsters that are 260 pounds are not as exciting to watch.”

David Feldman, Bobby Gunn Promoter

“We are very pleased to be a part of this great historical card. There will be a knockout. I know a lot of you went out to see the fireworks last Saturday night, well we can promise you that come this Saturday you will see a lot of fireworks. We’ve got a lot of surprises. We’ve got a great game plan. We had a great training camp. And we just want to let everybody know to expect the unexpected this Saturday night. Bobby Gunn will walk out of that ring with the championship belt around his waist. Right before we came here today I helped Bobby clear a spot on his mantle so he would have a place to put that championship belt on Saturday night!”

Bobby Gunn

“I am looking forward to this fight. When I was younger I got off track. When I was younger my little boy couldn’t be a part of this, now he can. This fight is my dream. This is the modern day Cinderella story. No one expects great things of me. A lot of the media has ripped me off. If I didn’t come to fight this fight at my best, to fight my heart out, I wouldn’t have respect for the sport and I love the game. I’m a warrior. You know, beware of a dangerous man. Because I am, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

Andrew Gmitruk, Tomasz Adamek trainer (in response to the Cinderella story comment from Gunn)

“It’s really nice to hear fairy tales, but those stories are for children. We are grown men. We are going to teach reality on Saturday.”

Tomasz Adamek

“Welcome all my fans again to Newark and Prudential arena. Again I will defend my IBF Championship and Ring Magazine belt. I can make a guarantee now. Bobby Gunn and my fans around the world will see my winning effort and another knockout on Saturday night.”

In response to Adamek’s comment Bobby Gunn said with a smile “He’s not as nice as he was at the last press conference, he’s meaner now!” Kathy Duva said “yes, Tomasz Adamek has his game face on.”

From Will Carafello, Prudential Center

“We are very excited about Saturday’s event. We are going to have a sold out crowd, so if you don’t have your tickets already, you might not get them, we only have a few left.”

“We are in the midst of developing a ‘boxing membership’ for Prudential Center. It will be a special package, sort of like a season ticket which will allow you to guarantee your seats and include many special perks.”

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