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Quotes from Adamek Estrada Presser

Posted on 02/04/2010

Kathy Duva, CEO Main Events –“Tomasz has to win against Jason Estrada before he can realize his dream of being the heavyweight champion. It’s a tremendous fight, people are watching it closely. We are delighted to be promoting it.”

“A lot of people are asking me why Tomasz took this fight. It is one of those fights where it seems as if we brought in a young guy who pretty much plays to Tomasz’s “not so strengths”; I don’t want to say weaknesses because I don’t think Tomasz has any of those! Jason’s got strength, he’s got speed, he’s got movement. He’s got a lot of the things that have given Tomasz problems in the past. This fight will give Tomas a good opportunity to deal with all those things.”

“Tomasz is never afraid, he amazes me. He goes into each fight calm and cool, and always confident that he will win. We all believe in him. We know he will give us another great fight, in exciting Adamek fashion and add another victory to his record.”

Tomasz Adamek – “I never underestimate anyone, ever. This is boxing; you have to be prepared every time because you can lose not only the fight but also your health. I know what’s at stake on Saturday – for me and for Jason.”

“I’m always asked if I feel worthy to be in the heavyweight division and my answer always is – just watch me fight and you’ll know the answer. I don’t expect anybody to respect me because I was champion in two other weight classes – just enjoy what you see when I’m in the ring. I did not lose any strength as compared to being a light heavyweight or cruiser weight. Contrary – fighting at my natural weight helped me be a better boxer. I expect to weigh around 222 pounds for the fight. That’s natural weight and power, zero loss of energy.”

“Mine will be a great mix of European and American style boxing because of my two trainers – Roger Bloodworth and Andrzej Gmitruk.“

“Jason is a very unorthodox fighter for this weight class, buy I always believed that no matter who I’m fighting against, it is up to me if I win or lose. I know his strengths; I’m sure he thinks he knows my weaknesses. But whatever we are saying now makes no difference whatsoever. You can prove yourself in only one way – by winning. And this is exactly what I intend to do on Saturday. Don’t blink, don’t miss a second”.

“I will win.”

Jason Estrada – “Funny thing is when I was playing video games as a light heavyweight I was always playing as Tomasz Adamek. Loved his style and I still love what he did in light heavy and cruiserweight division. But this is different story, he’s among big boys now and it will be over his head to fight people like me. Experience, ring ability – everything is on my side. He’s making a big error thinking that beating aging Golota makes him a good heavyweight. Not at all.”

“I also understand that he has to say the things he’s saying – about putting me on canvas, talking about other fights after fighting me. He has to believe it, but believing and doing it are two different things.”

“This was my best training camp ever – by far. More than 8 weeks of very hard work, no injuries, no problems. I’m in my prime, I have to prove this now and help Adamek to fight Steve Cunningham again – as a cruiserweight. After this fight he will be finished in my division. I will prove that those are not just words this coming Saturday.”

Jimmy Burchfield, CES – “Main Events is the greatest promotion company in the whole sport. They only made one mistake; and that was picking Jason Estrada!”

“I want to thank all of the Polish people that have come here to support Tomasz Adamek, but Jason “Big Six” Estrada is fighting for United States of America. He’s fighting for his classmates of the 2004 Olympians. He’s fighting for every future, past and present Olympian. We don’t come to this fight as an opponent. We come to fight, we come to win.”

“I see some of the media and HBO looking past Jason Estrada. You are all making a big, big, big mistake. Jason’s won every amateur title you can imagine. He’s fought the real fighters, so this is going to be a real fight.”

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