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Q&A George Peterson Pt 1: “I Haven’t Seen Paul’s Weaknesses Yet”

Posted on 10/19/2009

He might have the easiest high-profile job in boxing – training Paul Williams. The Punisher does it all for George Peterson, throws non-stop punches, fights while cut, absorbs a good shot, moves up or down in weight, good footwork, dominates world class opposition. Peterson is one confident head trainer too, he knows what he’s got in Paul Williams and he isn’t shy about announcing it. Keep reading to learn what one of America’s best trainers has to say about Paul Williams and his next opponent Kelly Pavlik…

BoxingInsider: What does Paul Williams need to work on? What are some of his weaknesses?

George Peterson: “I haven’t seen them yet. This guy, I push him and push him, he keeps giving me more. And that’s why I’m saying, when Pavlik cracks him it’s gonna bring hi to another level. Did you see him against Winky laughing and smiling? Did you see that? (I nod.) He’s smiling in there. What I’m saying is, if he gets cracked, he’ll go to work. I’m hoping that Pavlik can crack him.”

BoxingInsider: Has you ever seen when Paul was cracked a little too hard though?

George Peterson: “I felt ’em, I felt ‘wm [laughs]. He’ll tell you. When he got hit his whole body went numb. Matthysse. He had 25 fights with 24 knockouts.”

BoxingInsider: This guy Paul Williams has the potential to reach the echelon up their with Ray Robinson. Possible?

George Peterson: “He can be the same with Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Ray Leonard and all of those people. This guy can, as long as he keeps moving and flip-flopping back and forth, where ever he can get a fight. And he’s exciting, man. You’re not gonna fall asleep on that. I’ve seen those kinds of fights. You don’t fall asleep for a Paul Williams fight.”

BoxingInsider: Does he get discouraged though, with all the letdowns of not getting the big fights with Mayweather, Mosley, Cotto?

George Peterson: “Yeah. Yeah. But there’s nothing you can do about it. My job is to keep him tuned in to what’s going on. And that’s based on his reputation. But he’s gonna have a breakthrough. One day there’s gonna be a breakthrough. Because those guys can only fight each other a certain amount of times.”

BoxingInsider: But the breakthrough, if he knocks out Pavlik, might it become even harder to get big fight?

George Peterson: “That’s why he pulled back on Winky Wright. If you’ve seen the fight, he pulled back. That’s why you saw jab-jab-jab. He could have landed 25 punches in a row.”

BoxingInsider: What’s going to be the most dangerous part of this fight with Pavlik?

George Peterson: “No danger. This isn’t gonna be a dangerous fight. This is his easiest fight.”

BoxingInsider: Why do you say that?

George Peterson: “Because he’s a basic fighter. He’s a one-twoer. One-two. That’s why Bernard beat him like he did. He’s a straight up robot. One two. One two. You know, that’s it [laughs].”

Stay tuned for Part II…

Author of “Heavyweight Armageddon: The Tyson-Lewis Championship Battle” was called “A smashing success, one of the two best boxing books I ever read,” by Emanuel Steward.

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