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Post-Fight Ring Quotes Viva Don King Card, Guillermo Jones

Posted on 11/05/2011

Guillermo Jones (WBA cruiserweight champion): “Marrone tried to do some things, but when I saw he didn’t want to have much to do with me, I started boxing him. I wanted to use my jab and show that I still have great boxing skills. I thanked Marrone for making me fight him the way I did.

“I would like to fight a Klitschko. They’re fighting blown-up cruiserweights, but I can fight at heavyweight. I’m a fighter. I have always come to fight and I always will.

“The tiger is hungry. He needs more meat.”

Mike Marrone (WBA No. 14-ranked contender): “The biggest difference were the angles of Jones. He threw punches from unusual angles, like I had never seen before. I got hit too often in the beginning, so I knew I had to make the fight a brawl.

“He hits with power and precision, but I got some shots in of my own. I wanted to continue but the fight was stopped.”

Joey Hernandez (New WBC U.S. super welterweight champion) “Elco Garcia was a tough guy. He came to fight. I was told he couldn’t punch, but after the flash knockdown in the first round, I can tell you he can punch. But I’m not going to punch with a puncher. I looked for angles and scoring opportunities to come back and win it.

“I pulled something in the ball of my foot in the fourth round, but I wasn’t going to quit. I dug down deep and showed heart and determination to come back and win it. All the judges agreed with me.”

Elco Garcia (Fought Joey Hernandez): “The referee said Hernandez knocked me down in the second round but he didn’t. Then Joey took a knee in a later round and the ref missed it.

“I feel I did enough to win, definitely. Everyone in the arena thought I won, too.

“I don’t think Joey even belongs at this weight. He should move down.”

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