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Philip H. Anselmo Reports On Huck’s KO Win Over Minto: Round by Round

Posted on 05/01/2010

Round 1: Minto plods forward straight to the champion, minus a jab, looking for openings. Huck looks to be playing the part of counter-puncher. Huck’s hands are obviously faster. The champ’s punches are sharper as well, but nothing of note lands solidly. Minto slips to the canvas, and referee Robert Byrd correctly rules no knockdown.

Round 2: This round looks like a carbon copy of the opening round—Minto pressing, Huck countering with the crisper, quicker shots. The champion is showing a beautiful variety of shots, including a ripping uppercut. More of the same, and it can be argued the champ has edged both rounds on precision alone.

Round 3: This round begins in similar fashion, with the challenger stalking and the champ boxing smartly. Huck’s patience pays off as a short counter left hook, followed by an overhand right puts Minto down. Minto beats the count, and fights back hard. The challenger hits the canvas at the end of the round, but once again is correctly ruled a slip.

Round 4: Minto changes his tactics and starts behind of double jab fighting valiantly, but Huck is still too fast and strong, very relaxed. Minto looks tight, but survives the round, as the champ cruises instead of going for the kill.

Round 5: After a slow start, a big right hand drops Minto a 2nd time, but he gets up fighting. The fight is
tuning into a brawl. Minto still coming forward, while Huck looks a little gassed. Huck still throws nice uppercuts on the inside, but Minto hangs in there.

Round 6: Minto plods forward while Huck backs up to the ropes and covers up effectively, fighting in spurts. Huck’s hand speed is still superior but Minto doing more work. It looks like the champ is taking the round off. Minto may have stolen this round on activity alone.

Round 7: Both fighters begin tentatively, Huck circles, Minto follows. Huck very defensive now, Minto looks a little tired. This is the slowest round action-wise in a while, sloppy. Huck holding on in earnest then lands a straight right. Minto answers, and backs the champ up. Minto more active, but champ still doing the sharper punching. This round could have gone either way, but Minto did a hair more in my eyes.

Round 8:Another slow start, as both fighters circle and jab. The champ consistently throwing counter straight right bombs, but is off the mark. Minto warned for punching low. The champ continues to back into the ropes while Minto bangs the body, but both fighters are off the mark. Huck ends the round with a straight right after fighting with his hands below his waist the last part of the round. Still, with Minto’s higher activity rate, it’s a close round to score.

Round 9: More of the same in way of slow starts. Minto throws a succession of uppercuts along the ropes, and the champ ties up. Minto pressing the action, but a double jab, right hand from the champ drops Minto hard for the 3rd time. Minto beats the count and fights back. Once again, the champ doesn’t capitalize on the knockdown. Huck traps Minto in the corner and finishes the round with a combo of powerful right hands.

Round 10: Minto walks to ring centre and submits- both fighters embrace in a show of respect.
Huck TKO beginning of round 10. PA

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