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PBC on CBS Results: Sammy Vasquez Jr. & Rances Barthelemy both win by big Unanimous Decisions

Posted on 06/21/2015

By: Matthew N. Becher

After a night packed full of boxing, Premier Boxing Champions brought us even more as a Fathers day special on CBS on Sunday afternoon.


The Under card is between two young prospects in the welterweight division. Sammy Vasquez Jr. (18-0 13 KO), is a Pittsburgh born kid, who is a US Army veteran , having served two tours in Iraq. His opponent who has been nicknamed ‘Lucky Boy’ & ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ , Wale Omotoso (25-1 21KO) is a knockout artist looking to make a name for himself by making a statement on network television.

The main event is a fight between two former world champions, one on the way out of the sport while the other looks to establish himself in a new division. Antonio DeMarco (31-4-1 23KO) has been in the ring with the likes of Edwin Valero to Adrien Broner. He has made it known that this will be his final year in the sport, and that he wants to still be tested by the top guys. Rances Barthelemy (22-0 13KO) attempted to escape his home country of Cuba 38 times, each time getting caught, returned and thrown in jail. He made it to Miami on his 39th attempt, and he hasn’t looked back since. Barthelemy is moving up in weight after vacating his first world title, and will look to add the former world champions name of DeMarco to his every growing resume.

Sammy Vasquez Jr. (18-0 13KO) vs. Wale Omotoso (25-1 21KO): Welterweight

Both fighters came out using an effective jab, Vasquez in a southpaw stance while Omotoso is Orthodox. Vasquez was able to close the distance very quickly and move in and out very well. Omotoso was the slower boxer looking to load up on one shot.

Vasquez was able to throw good combinations and change angles, banging to the body and head of Omotoso.

By the 3rd round Vasquez is clearly the busier boxer, while Omotoso continued to come in straight up, and was slow and unable to counter punch effectively. Vasquez was able to put together very nice three and four piece combinations.

In the 5th both fighters have a big exchange in the middle of the ring. A left hook lands by Vasquez that sends Omotoso’s mouthpiece flying out. Vasquez is cut on the upper left side of the head by an accidental elbow.

The second half of the fight has both fighters throwing more shots. Omotoso has finally decided to abandon his initial game plan and throw more punches and cut off the ring at the behest of his corner. Vasquez is easily up on points and is very comfortable in the trenches. In the 7th rd. Omotoso was finally able to land a big right hand counter , staggering Vasquez, but he cannot follow it up.

The eighth round was an all out exciting round. Omotoso found a home for his right hand and now starts throwing his hands a lot more. Both fighters go toe to toe in the middle of the ring and turn it into a slug fest.

Omotoso’s trainer Erik Brown tells his man he needs a knockout to win. Omotoso is more aggressive but is met with equal aggression from Vasquez. Vasquez refuses to take any round off, his face covered in blood from two cuts on the head and a busted nose, he still engages and looks for power shots.

It was a very entertaining fight, especially during the second half of the fight. It went the distance and the judges all scored it the same, with a Unanimous Decision win for the still undefeated Sammy Vasquez Jr.

98-92 (3x) Vasquez Jr. UD10

Antonio DeMarco (31-4-1 23KO) vs. Rances Barthelemy (22-0 13KO): Jr. Welterweight

The main event was pretty much a showcase fight and coming out party for Rances Barthelemy to the Jr. Welterweight division.

Barthelemy came out as a switch hitter, pumping out a jab, and following up with a big punch every few attempts. He also changed between southpaw and orthodox positions about every ten seconds.

Barthelemy dictated the pace of the entire fight. DeMarco was much slower and threw less and less punches, never getting comfortable in the fight

Rances did an amazing job at baiting DeMarco into counter punching opportunities.

Barthelemy landed his straight jab and follow up with ease. DeMarco was extremely timid and seemed afraid to throw any punches because of getting countered.

In the 5th rd. DeMarco was knock downed with about 1:15 left in the round by a left hand to the chin.

DeMarco never had anything to give in this ring, he was outmatched inn every aspect of the fight. He was content to just make it to the end of the fight, which he did.

The only mark on the scorecards that kept this from being a complete shutout was referee Kenny Bayless deducting a point from Barthelemy for low blows. It didn’t matter much as Barthelemy still easily won the round.

As for Barthelemy, he will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the 140lb division. As the judges awarded him the Unanimous Decision.

99-89 (3x) Barthelemy UD10

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