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Official WBC News: New WBC Green Diamond Championship Belt

Posted on 08/09/2009

“The WBC is announcing the institution of a new WBC green and gold belt to be called ‘WBC Diamond Championship,’ an honorary championship exclusively for fights between elite boxers.

“This new implementation has been approved by a unanimous vote of the WBC Board of Governors, and will actively participate to keep boxing as great as ever with new and exciting formats for the fans.

“Boxing is changing; it has a heavy influence from television and promoters looking for highly interesting and passionate battles for the benefit of the boxing fans of the world.

“The WBC believes that this belt will play a very important role in modern boxing, as the fights between elite boxers called “catch weight” fights, have not been a complete success due to the fact that the advertising is only done for fans to know who is the best between two fighters and nothing else is at stake.

“The WBC will propose that the promotion renders homage to the two greatest fighters of such division, as they will be showcased in the belt.

“This WBC Diamond Belt is being manufactured using the same design as the traditional belt but the materials will include 18 karat gold fusion, 598 diamonds, 196 emeralds, six rubies and 150 Swarovsky semi-precious stones.

“I am very proud of this step taken by the WBC, as it will be in benefit of improving boxing, in benefit of the boxing fans of the world, as well as promoters, television and everybody involved in the sport of boxing.”

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