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News and Notes: Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley

Posted on 05/21/2012

By: William Holmes

The much anticipated Timothy Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao matchup will be happening in approximately three weeks, and the hype is beginning to pick up full steam. HBO’s 24/7 series for the fight has already started, and even cable news channel CNN has picked up on showing the replays.

Timothy Bradley may not be the draw that Pacquiao’s previous opponents have been, but Pacquiao is so popular that it doesn’t matter who his opponent is, his fights will sell PPV’s.

The media has begun to focus their attention away from Mayweather and towards the June 9th mega fight. Pacquiao and Bradley will be having their first media conference call on Tuesday, May 22nd.

Since fights featuring Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. get so much press, both fighters now get their own notebook on Boxing Insider prior to their big fights.

Pacquiao Clarifies Gay Marriage Misquote

A lot has been made recently about the apparent quotes, or misquotes, in a Manny Pacquiao interview. Many in the media at first thought Pacquiao had quoted a bible passage which states that homosexuals should be put to death. It was later discovered that the quote was put in the article by the interviewer himself, and that Pacquiao never said them. Pacquiao has recently gone public to clarify these misquotes.

Below are some links in relation to Pacquiao’s efforts to correct the harm the misquotes have done to his reputation.

Greg Beacham, Associated Press: “Manny Pacquiao Denounces Anti-Gay Allegations”

Kevin Iole, Yahoo! Sports: “Manny Pacquiao Defends Gay Marriage Stance But Says He Didn’t Condemn Homosexuality”

Greg Bishop, The New York Times: “Pacquiao is Put on the Defensive Over Same-Sex Marriage View”

Lance Pugmire/Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times: “Grove Bans Pacquiao Over Misrepresented Gay Marriage Comments” Writer Granville Ampong Exonerates Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Interview on EXTRA Tonight

Timothy Bradley Credits Wife and Mother for Success

Timothy Bradley has credited his mother Kathy and wife Monica for helping him become a boxing champion. Bradley stated that his mother is the one who instilled the faith and toughness to become a three-time world champion. He has also stated that his wife is the one who has provided the love and stability during the toughest time in his professional career. Source.

Pacquiao and Rob Schneider to Star in Film

Half Filipino movie star and former Saturday Night Live alum Rob Schneider will be starring in a movie with boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao. Not much is known about the movie yet, but more information can be found here.

Pacquiao Has Committed Himself to Bibly Study

Manny Pacquiao has recently re-committed himself to Bible Study and refocused himself on his faith. Freddie Roach has stated that Pacquiao has become a much more disciplined boxer since he replaced his gambling and nightclub habits with increased bible study and family time. Roach described the bout between Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez as the first bad night Pacquiao had experienced in a decade, and said that his fighter’s preparation had been adversely distracted by his extravagant interests away from the ring. Source.

VisionQwest Accountancy Group Files Lawsuit Against Top Rank, Bob Arum and Michael Koncz In Federal Court

On May 18, 2012 VisionQwest Accountancy Group filed a federal lawsuit against boxing promoter Bob Arum and Top Rank, Inc., as well as Michael Koncz, who acts as the Business Advisor of boxer Manny Pacquiao, for interfering with a contractual relationship and defamation. VisionQwest contracted with Mr. Pacquiao to perform various tax and accounting functions, and to review the financial records prepared by Top Rank on each fight from 2005 and all forward fights through a co-promotion agreement between Top Rank and Pacquiao. VisionQwest was abruptly terminated by Pacquiao based on interference tactics and false allegations made by Michael Koncz, Bob Arum, and Top Rank against VisionQwest.

The VisionQwest complaint specifically alleges that Bob Arum, Top Rank, Inc., Michael Koncz, and other Defendants: intentionally and negligently caused interference with the contract and with the contractual relationship between VisionQwest and Pacquiao, as well as VisionQwest’s prospective economic relations; violated unfair business practices; and defamed VisionQwest.

This isn’t the first time VisionQwest has sued Pacquiao or his representatives. They have a lawsuit against Pacquiao and MP Promotions that is currently pending disposition in California State Court.

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