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New York Metro’s “Road to the Garden” Finalists

Posted on 04/16/2018

New York Metro’s “Road to the Garden” Finalists – Time to Buy Tickets!
18 Exciting shows bring us to the end of our tournament. Since March 1 the athletes have been battling for a spot at Madison Square Garden on April 20, 2018. This is the list of competitions that have made it. Come see them battle for a title, in the Ring Master’s Championships.

MSG is offering a 25% discount to USA Boxing Metro members using the code MSGRING on checkout:

The final lineup for the MSG Ring Masters Championships on Friday, April 20h at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater is set! Here is the lineup (Red corner/Blue corner):

123 Novice: Lawrence Bautista (Yonkers PAL) vs Justice Bland (PacPlex BC)
106 Female: Sabrina Slattery (SweatBox) vs Juliette Ladisa (Champs BC)
114 Open: Andy Dominguez (Mendez BC) vs Gerardo Vazquez (Atlas Cops & Kids)
132 Novice: Taqee McDaniel (Eastern Queens BC) vs Ronny Reyes (Morris Park BC)
112 Female: Lina Vezzani-Katano (Church Street BC) vs Kathreen Sterling (Gleason’s Athletic Club)
141 Novice: Adel Lakrouf (Underground BC) vs Saul De Los Santos (Brotherhood BC)
119 Female: Iman James (Gleason’s Athletic Club) vs Gabrielle Gulfin (Gleason’s Athletic Club)
123 Open: Dominique Crowder (NYAC) vs Daniil Platonovschi (Atlas Cops & Kids)
125 Female: Nyisha Goodluck (Gleason’s Athletic Club) vs Meagan Owen (SouthBox)
132 Open: Jonibek Khotamov (Atlas Cops & Kids) vs Brandon Browne (Atlas Cops & Kids)
152 Novice: Zachary Blumberg (Freeport PAL) vs David Moore (Freeport PAL)
141 Open: Steven Galeano (Bronxchester BC) vs Deyshawn Williams (Eastern Queens BC)
165 Novice: Marco Cruz (Atlas Cops & Kids) vs John McDonagh (Woodside BC)
132 Female: Gvantsa Pantsulaia (Gleason’s Athletic Club) vs Jennifer Lopez (Mendez BC)
201+ Master: Jonathan Troncoso (Main Street BC) vs Richard Adamson II (Champs BC)
152 Open: Alex Vargas (Finest Fitness) vs Reshat Mati (Atlas Cops & Kids)
178 Novice: Edwing Lachapelle (New-Bed Stuy BC) vs Fabio Guzman (Brotherhood BC)
141 Female: Sarah Thomas (Unattached) vs Macarena Soto (Freeport PAL)
165 Open: Nikita Ababiy (Atlas Cops & Kids) vs Brett Pastore (Animals MMA)
201 Novice: Calvin Belgrave (Starrett City BC) vs Orville Crooks (Mendez BC)
178 Open: Afunwa King (El Maestro BC) vs Kristiani Shytani (Morris Park BC)
201+ Novice: Jeremiah Gurley (Gleason’s Athletic Club) vs Pryce Taylor (Atlas Cops and Kids)
201 Open: Gergo Savoly (Underground BC) vs Matthew Tinker (NYAC)
201+ Open: Michael Cserenyi (Royals BC) vs Nkosi Solomon (Atlas Cops & Kids)

Support Metro and help send athletes to national competitions by sponsoring a bout! Go to to buy donate or sponsor a Finals bout!

Tickets are now available for the Finals bouts at Gleason’s Gym (ask for Bruce), and from Madison Square Garden at Support Metro and BUY TICKETS NOW!!!

For information, go to, and be sure to watch the action live on YouTube and Facebook at Puglife Chronicles (@puglifechronicles).

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