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Model / Escort Swings and Misses – Again – at Oscar De La Hoya

Posted on 05/28/2013

It appears that Angelica Cecora again threw her best roundhouse punch at former world champion Oscar De La Hoya and missed the mark completely.

And then she found herself on the receiving end of a counterpunch.

This past week, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten not only tossed out her appeal of a previous ruling in the $5 million lawsuit the former Maxim “model” had filed against De La Hoya, but he also ordered her to pay $12,500 in legal fees to De La Hoya.

Cecora’s claim was that back in 2011, De La Hoya had brought her up to his hotel suite in New York’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel and, in effect, forced her to take part in an orgy in which drugs were ordered up to the room and used. Allegedly there was cross dressing, sex toys and another woman involved.

Cecora admits that she did have sex with De La Hoya initially, which apparently was of a much more conventional variety than the rather “extreme” sex act he requested, and she fulfilled, which followed.

However, after that she wanted to be done with sex for the evening.

She did not want to accept his subsequent advances, which occurred, according to her lawsuit, after her and her “colleague” (who had brought the sex toys over) had fallen asleep. And her allegation was that his attempts to make her have sex “against her will” scared her enough that she was afraid to leave the hotel room. She says that De La Hoya was wearing women’s underwear during most of this period.

It was brought up in court by De La Hoya’s attorney, Judd Burstein, that Cecora was also a very expensive escort – charging $600 an hour, in fact – who operated under the pseudonym “Tiny Taylor” and that she in fact had consensual sex with De La Hoya. Along the way, De La Hoya’s side also denied that it had offered Cecora $6000 in “hush money” to forget about the whole thing.

When this suit was originally filed, in January of last year, the claims were “imprisonment, emotional distress, assault and battery.” And she claims that she even got left with incidental hotel charges of $1500. The only true adverse effect from that evening, according to De La Hoya’s lawyer, is that she missed a dental appointment the next morning. How much of a problem her teeth were is not known. Oscar isn’t saying.

Judge Wooten did not impose a fine on Cecora herself for filing the suit, but he considered her appeal frivolous enough that he did fine her attorney, Tony Evans, a total of $2,384.40 for taking it.

Cecora was portrayed as someone who was seeking her “15 minutes of fame,” but is she achieved that, it hasn’t meant much, at least by her account. although, as mentioned, she was reportedly commanding $600 an hour as an escort, she asserts that “I have no job, no money, no bank account or car.” There were plenty of photos on her Facebook page, including some from a “jungle tour in Mexico,” as well as one that was allegedly taken at the Ritz-Carlton in Berlin (so she must have taken care of that incidental bill after all) but there was also the claim before the appeals hearing that “my family and friends have detached. I’m in hiding.” She has only 31 followers in her Twitter account.

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