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Miguel Cotto Answers a Few Questions at Wild Card Gym about Daniel Geale

On Saturday, June 6th 2015, Miguel Cotto (39-4, 32 KO’s) defends his WBC Middleweight crown against former Middleweight champion Daniel “The Real Deal” Geale at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York.

Miguel Cotto – gave the following quotes to the media

“I feel good and in the best shape possible. I just feel ready. I know Geale is a tough opponent and he is going to bring his best on June 6, but I trust in the work we have done here in Los Angeles and I’m going to bring my best too.”


“After 14 years in boxing, the best decision I could have made was to take the last year off. My mind was not in boxing, but since I got here with Freddie, everything is working perfectly again. Boxing is all I know. Boxing is my life. Through boxing, I raised my family and I work to provide the best future for them. They are the reason I love boxing.”

“Boxing at this point in my career is a battle with myself. Everyday I need to bring my best in the gym from morning to evening. Next week has to be better than last week. I need to ask myself to be better every day. I know that if I bring my best to the gym every day, I can bring my best the night of June 6 against Geale.”

“Freddie comes here every day with the best attitude and he knows how to get the best out of me.”

“It will have been 364 days to the day on June 6 since I have been in the ring. It’s not difficult to get back in after this long stretch. I’ve been focused on my work. I have gained more knowledge during my time off in order to get myself ready to fight again.”

“Daniel Geale is the next chapter in my career. After I get through him, I can talk about what comes next.”

Boxing Insider Contributor Francisco Martinez managed to get a few questions with Miguel Cotto before training. “It seems right now many people is demanding Cotto vs Canelo, is there any pressure that you live up to the performance that Golovkin had against Geale?”

Miguel Cotto: “I don’t have any pressure on me. I’m always going to do whatever is going to be the best for my family, the best for me, and I don’t think and I don’t take care of what people want, what people say about my career, the only person who dictates what happens in my career is myself.” But, Some will compare your performance against Geale to the one that Golovkin had against Geale. Does that matter to you?”

Miguel Cotto: “No. It’s two different fights, two different opponents, Golovkin has his own style I have my own. I don’t have any pressure on that.”

Photos: Miguel Cotto Promotions/Roc Nation Sports “There’s quotes going around where you stated that the fight with Canelo is pretty much done. Is there any truth to that?”

Miguel Cotto: “We believe after this fight we have a verbal agreement with H.B.O. verbal agreement with Golden Boy promotions but we’ll see what happens after this fight.” “How important is it for you to win in dominating fashion. Whether that comes via unanimous decision or a knockout in some form?”

Miguel Cotto: “I’ve been here for 8 weeks just doing my work the best I can and I’m going to do the same the night of the fight.” “There are some in the Boxing community upset that you chose Geale, who they say doesn’t deserve a title shot?

Miguel Cotto: “Boxing community have to ask themselves, what big name Golovkin has on his record to be named as one of the big Boxers of 160, 154, one of the big Boxers today?”

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