Media Quotes: Victor Ortiz, Oscar De La Hoya, & Danny Garcia


In preparation for his fight against Josesito Lopez on June 23

“VICIOUS” VICTOR ORTIZ, Former World Champion

“I’m prepared. I’m ready for another win… another victory.

“I had no layoff. I’m not like other boxers. I am in the gym every day. I was sparring seven, eight, rounds every other day.

“I will definitely be holding my hands up in the end. No exceptions. No ifs, ands or buts. I will not settle for anything less than holding my hands up at the end of the match.

“Josesito is definitely a bigger threat than Berto. He has that title shot, so he is going to come ready.

“I don’t ever care what people have to say about me. I don’t focus on any of that sort of stuff.”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, President of Golden Boy Promotions
“Victor is a fighter who comes forward and has a great chin. He is not afraid to engage other fighters.

“Victor and Josesito are at their peaks. They could fight older guys, but this is what boxing is about.

“I think Victor has what it takes to be the best.

“If you want to be the best, you have to fight the best. Keeping fan’s’ interest in boxing takes making these types of fights.

“Josesito has his plans to derail the Victor Ortiz express. This is Josesito’s opportunity of a lifetime.”

DANNY GARCIA, Ortiz’ Trainer

“We are prepared and ready to beat Josesito. He will come 100% ready, but we are ready too.

“I know Josesito’s style. He is always coming forward and throwing punches.

“Victor is too strong and too fast. He is a much better fighter.”

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