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Media Interview with Juan Manuel Marquez & Nacho Beristain

TODD duBOEF: Welcome everybody. Welcome champion Juan Manuel Márquez, Fernando Beltran and Hall of Fame trainer Ignacio “Nacho” Béristain. Juan Manuel’s media day was in México last week and the reports say that Juan Manuel has never looked this good. We all know what has happened over the years and how this is a legendary match-up and I think it’s really important for everyone to speak to Juan Manuel and Nacho about their strategy and before I do that I would like to introduce Fernando the co-promoter of Juan Manuel

FERNANDO BELTRAN: Welcome and I think what Todd says is absolutely true. This is a unique rivalry and the most important match of the year without a doubt. We are going to close the year on the right foot. Juan Manuel is world champion in four weight classes and has never looked this good. Everybody knows about the controversy in the last fight. It was good for Manny Pacquaio to take this fight to clear everything up and let’s see who the best man is on December 8.

Last fight you said you needed a knockout. You appear from the photos to look stronger than the last fight…

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I did say I needed a knockout the last fight but everybody knows that Manny Pacquiao is a strong fighter. It is difficult, but not impossible to knock him out. For this fight I prepare for everything. I trained to win and to win clearly.

Do you think the last decision was the worst of the three?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: Without a doubt. The last fight I thought I won clearly. Everyone thought I won the fight. The only people that didn’t think I won the fight were the judges.

What do you see that others don’t in how to fight Pacquiao?

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: Manny Pacquiao is a natural fighter. He is a southpaw and Juan has always done well against the southpaws since he was a very young fighter. He can control Pacquiao because he is an intelligent fighter and knows how to break down a fight right from the start. Pacquiao is dangerous in every second of every fight because he punches hard and he can take you out at any time.

What were your first thoughts after hearing the scorecards in the last fight?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: Deception. Sadness. I felt angry because when they were reading the scorecards, the scorecards were for him but I knew I won the fight.

How important is it for him to get the victory in this fight?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: Very, very important. I have this opportunity and the victory will be mine on December 8th and I will be able to retire with a victory over Manny Pacquiao.

What is the most important thing about taking this fourth fight?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: The victory over Manny because the last three fights it was very frustrating to hear the scorecards after my performances. I was angry and there is a lot of pride and I am very happy to get the fight.

Do you expect Pacquiao to be more dangerous because of the last fight?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I am expecting the best Manny Pacquiao. I know the last three times I fought the best Manny Pacquiao. Of course he wants to be on top again so he wants to win the fight. But I am preparing myself very well but I will win the fight on December 8th.

Will this be your last fight?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I don’t know what’s going to happen. I feel very strong mentally and if I win the fight I will continue.

Are you and Manny friends?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I think that the relationship with him is one of respect. It is a professional relationship and the last three fights we have had were wars so I know he respects me and I respect him.

In the future – do you think you will be friendly – such as sit down and talk?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: Definitely, I will be able to sit down with him and talk and have a friendship with him. Why? Because of the great rivalry we had in the ring. I have nothing against him except for the decisions. I don’t see why we can’t have a personal relationship and not just a professional relationship.

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: Freddie is a terrific trainer. After Emanuel Steward he is the number one trainer. It is difficult to find a trainer who works as hard as he does.

What do you think will be in your favor to get the decision this time?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I am going to be aggressive in this fight. I won’t go for the knockout right away but if I get the opportunity for the knockout I will go for one. I will fight with intelligence and I will also be a counter-puncher. And you need to fight intelligently to get a knockout. To win the fight clearly, I need to get a knockout.

In the past I have done everything right to win so for this fight I have trained very hard again. Whenever I want to retire I can retire happy knowing that I beat the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

Thoughts on Hector Camacho

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I wish the family the best and hope that they recover soon.

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: I think that he was great for the sport and I hope that the family recovers soon. He had a tremendous legacy and he was a sensational fighter.

Will you be more aggressive?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: Definitely I will take more risks in this fight because I will be more aggressive. In the last two fights I was very aggressive also. I was aggressive with him but I will be much more aggressive. As long as I am more aggressive, I will take more risks.

In the last fight Pacquiao was moving to his left into Marquez’ right hand – do you expect the same this time?

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: All of the fights are different. I am expecting a great Manny Pacquiao and of course we are going to dominate the fight and we are going to beat him again.

Do you feel you wanted the fight more than Pacquiao?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: First of all I think that not only our camp but all of the media – they were all pushing for this fight. We want to thank them because they were pushing for this fight. Of course when he gets in the ring it is going to be extra motivation for not only me, but for him also. I definitely think it’s the fight that everybody wants to see. I think the fans are going to be delighted to see the fight.

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: I think like Juan – that everybody wanted this fight. This is the fourth time they will be fighting and I think it’s going to be a sensational fight. Juan is the most difficult fighter that Manny Pacquiao has ever faced. This fight will have more people around the world watching than any other fight out there.

Do feel you are stronger than Pacquiao? Freddie Roach thinks so…

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I don’t think that I am slower because my muscles are bigger. Honestly I am working hard in the gym and getting stronger. They are going to get a surprise on December 8.

How do you increase speed and strength at the age of 39?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: What you need to notice is that my last fight with Manny Pacquiao was my first fight with (new trainer) Heredia. Everything was the same, the same, the same. This time I am accumulating everything. This time I will have more speed because last November was my first time with him and now I am getting used to it and I feel the speed.

What are you doing differently in training with Angel because your body has changed so much?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: First of all I would like to tell you that I have never done this type of work before. That’s why my body has changed. I have been working very hard, specifically to get more strength. Angel is a professional and knows how much weight I am putting on. I am getting more speed and getting stronger at the same time. As far as people thinking I am taking steroids? I would take the test. Let them take my blood. I don’t care – just to shut everybody up. Of course my fight tests have always been clean. I don’t know how those rumors get started.

I read that none of the judges that participated in the other three fights will judge this fight. What do you think about that?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I am very happy that none of the judges that worked the other 3 fights will be working this one. The only thing I am asking is for them to be fair and for them to qualify what is happening in the ring. I am confident because I know it is a great selection of judges – they are very professional and I am very confident about them.

People think Pacquiao won the fight against Bradley – do you think the judges will give Pacquiao a compensation in this fight?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I am happy with the selection of the judges and I really don’t think about them. I am thinking about the fight – not the judges. I expect them to do a clean job and to clarify what is happening in the ring. I have no concern for the judges.

The three fights have been very close – what is different in this one?

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: They have already fought 36 rounds and each of those 36 rounds were different. This fight is also going to be different. We cannot judge the boxing commission for the judges that got it incorrect. We have all the faith in these judges that it will be a fair three, an impartial three. We believe in the commission. We believe Juan is going to be strong and win the fight.

Pacquiao says he will go for the knockout, will you? Then no worries about judges.

NACHO BÉRISTAIN: First of all, I would like Juan to go for the knockout. Manny is a fine fighter. Manny is a very strong fighter. I don’t like my fighter looking for the knockout – if it comes along, fine.

Do you have plans for next year?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: We will wait until we see what happens on December 8. We may go forward. We may stop. Who knows? Right now I am only thinking about December 8.

Do you feel these four fights are what you will be remembered for?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I think you cannot qualify my career in only four fights. I have had many other fights and they all have been important. Of course the fights with Manny are more important. The fights with Barrera have also been important to my career.

How do you feel about Manny being such a huge draw and that you have been able to make a lot of money fighting him?

JUAN MANUEL MÁRQUEZ: I think it is about destiny. Because if my hand was raised in any one of those fights then I would be the one who was the biggest draw. I am very happy with what I have and very happy with what I have done. I am very happy to get these four fights with Manny Pacquiao to prove who is the best man in the ring.

TODD duBOEF: I think Juan Manuel and Nacho did a tremendous job today. You could feel the passion and obviously their interest in trying to overcome the Pacquiao obstacle. They want to be the one standing – obviously they feel that way as true professionals. We are now heading down the home stretch. Wednesday at Wild Card we have the Pacquiao media day workout and on Thursday we have the Gamboa and 50 Cent workout in LA. On Friday we will be streaming Manny’s workout live which has never been done before so everyone can take a look at it. This has been a great event so far and we wish them the best of luck and thank everyone for tuning in.

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1 Comment

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