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Mayweather’s New Scheme To Duck Pacquiao

Posted on 06/05/2010

With heavy pressure mounting on the shoulders of Money Mayweather to get in the ring with Manny Pacquiao in 2010, the biggest duck in the history of the sport has concocted a deception to avoid the brutal knockout loss. Money Mayweather said in a new video interview this week that he’s going to “take a couple years off from boxing” rather than box Pacquiao for an expected $30-40 million dollar payday (which could double to 60-80 when you count in the rematch clause).

Rather than take care of his “hit list” of opponents which he wanted his team “to line ’em up” for million dollar paydays this year – the pathological liar Mayweather has done yet another about face and decided it’s a much smarter business decision to avoid the brutal knockout loss he obviously knows he will suffer at the fists of Manny Pacquiao. “Our main focus right now is the Floyd Mayweather Foundation. I’m taking a couple years off. Devoting my time to my boxing gym and doing things that are very, very positive.”

Mayweather, of course, mentioned nothing about his previous plans to clean up the sport of boxing or any kind of timetable for a Pacquaio fight.

Readers of should not be surprised at this latest act of cowardice of Mayweather as it fulfills the prophetic words of George Peterson who informed us last November that the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight “isn’t gonna happen. Some fights aren’t mean to be made.”

The big questions are how will HBO and the egos of it’s decision makers react to being used and hustled by this mini hustler? What position will HBO take against their invested family member who will cost the company probably in excess of a $100,000,000 payoff? Will HBO continue to support and promote this fraud of all frauds when he decides it’s safe to box again, likely next year, a few weeks or months after Pacquiao eventually retires in frustration?

What lessons will be learned by the powers that be at HBO – for they have created this Frankenstein monster – the absolute worst case scenario of a protected, spoiled and manufactured boxer who for too many years was given everything he wanted – until it now has backfired into a catastrophic (approximate) $100,000,000 embarrassment on the entire sport.

How many years will the sport have to wait to build up another huge money fight of the magnitude of Pacquiao vs. Mayweather which obviously will never happen? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? Is it possible that boxing will never be able to stage an event as big as Pacquiao vs. Mayweather – and this act of cowardice by Mayweather is a disastrous turning point in the history of the sport as we know it?

Will HBO take any action against Al Haymon for being partly responsible for this Mayweather disaster?

Will HBO allow Larry Merchant to tell it like it is, or will HBO continue to spoil the coddled, protected, manufactured fraud it created?

Is this one of the absolutely lowest moments and most damaging failures in the history of the sport of boxing?

Should sports fans still have confidence in the powers that be of boxing to make the best fights happen after seeing Mayweather and Haye shamefully duck Pacquiao and Klitschko in 2010?

Has the time come for boxing to begin to phase out of the public consciousness, just like harness racing, pro wrestling, pro bodybuilding have declined to the point of irrelevance?

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