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Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Fight Week Quotables Part 2

Bob Arum: “Rematch? This has been the most painful experience of my promotional career and you want me to talk about a F-N rematch? I’m a citizen of the United States of America and there’s a provision under the constitution that protects me from cruel and unusual punishment.”

Floyd Mayweather: “I love my children, It’s been bothering me a lot that three of them I haven’t been able to see. That’s been bothering me a lot because, you know how women are sometimes.”

Floyd Mayweather to Katie Couric about the incident: “Did I kick, stomp, and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen. I look in your face and say, ‘No, that didn’t happen.’ Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did. So if they say that’s domestic violence, then, you know what? I’m guilty. I’m guilty of restraining someone.”

Bob Arum: “We’re going to look with great care to see if people who consider themselves our competitors are breaking the law or not breaking the law, But I’m not going to say anything further about that.”

Floyd Mayweather: “They were telling you guys for years that they had paperwork and I was scared. It wasn’t true. The only thing with any situation was I wanted to be treated fair.”

Bob Arum: “I don’t like to write checks of an amount I don’t have in the bank. I can cover 25 so that’s the amount he will get fight night.”

Floyd Mayweather: “Let’s say I make $200 million, That means my kids for this fight will get $50 million apiece. I think I made a smart move.”


Bob Arum: “I’ve lived in this town since 1986, and in the ’70s I did fights, My wife, Lovee, has lived here since 1964. Todd, who is the president of my company, and Dena, the children of Lovee, were born here and lived their whole lives here, and we’re respected people in this community.

Bob Arum: “when the order goes out from somebody at the MGM that nobody at the MGM can talk to us, how do you think it makes us feel? How do you think it would make anybody feel? They ought to be ashamed of themselves. And they have one guy, taking an executive (Sturm) and wrapping around his finger, and that’s Haymon. And I ain’t ever gonna forget that.”

Will #MayPac go smoothly? Bob Arum: “One would hope so. But one would be a fool not to prepare ourselves for sneak attacks”

Floyd Mayweather Sr.: “He can’t punch, We ain’t worried about it. I’m gonna have Floyd walk his ass down. Simple as that”

George Foreman: “Talking honestly about what he thinks about “The Fight of the Century, This is major… boxing deserves something like this… I’m just happy the fight is happening, and it’s happening right now. Because everyone will get a chance to see what they wanted to see. If it had happened five years ago, there would have been some too young to enjoy [and] some old enough to say, ‘Hey, there was better days.’ But now everyone’s hungry for the matchup of the century. [These are] evenly matched fighters. It’s a fan’s fight, and it should be. It’s big.”


Floyd Mayweather Sr: ‘Look at all the millionaires who go broke. When you have this much money sometimes you can’t control it. Another hundred million, two hundred million on top of what you already have looks like a tall thing. But you can do all kind of things with money. ‘If Floyd does the right thing with his he will be alright for the rest of his life. But you can get through any amount in two years spending on possessions, trips, cars, women…… Most fighters go down that hole. And when they do the friends go the same way as the money. ‘It’s the way of life, man”

George Foreman: “That’s true… [Mayweather’s] got everything to lose. But boxing was invented for the underdog – for the smaller guy who doesn’t have a chance – to come up with a way to beat the bigger, stronger guy. That’s why I give it to Pacquiao. The sport was invented… for the lesser.”

George Foreman: On Advice He would Give Pacquiao: Gottlieb asked what advice Foreman would give to Pacquiao for this match: “Hey, just win this round,” Foreman said. “Every time you come back to the corner, you sit down on the stool, wave the towel over him and don’t say anything. The bell rings, go get him again. Do the same thing you did the first round all the way through the sixth or seventh round, and you’ll win.”(Doug Gottlieb Show)

Floyd Mayweather: “At the end of the day my daughter can’t eat no zero, She can’t spend a boxing ring.”

Bob Arum: “Manny is super confident and super relaxed. You’re going to see the best Manny…And you’re not going to see the best Floyd” I think Manny’s going to beat him up like he beat up De La Hoya,” forcing him to quit on his stool after nine rounds and retire the next year. Floyd’s legs aren’t the same. People have watched him in the gym. Floyd’s only chance is to stand there and try to knock Manny out. He has no chance against Manny as a defensive fighter. None. Pacquiao has the speed and the power. Oscar was bigger, too, a lot bigger than Floyd. He got beat up. And Floyd’s going to get beat up too.”


The following are the prepared statements made at yesterdays Press Conference:


“I don’t have a prediction, but I’m excited. I’m confident and I feel for the first time that I’m ready for the fight.

“I’m so happy because that feeling and that focus that I had many years ago, is back. I’m confident and relaxed.

“My love and eagerness for this fight has made me especially interested.

“I would like to invite everyone to witness the great fight between Floyd and I this Saturday.

“I want to be an example and inspiration to people.

“Before I became a boxer, I used to sleep on the street. I can’t believe that I am in this position. The boy who didn’t have food and slept on the street can have this life.

“On Saturday our goal is to make the fans happy with our performance. Both of us will work very hard to entertain the fans and give a good fight.

“I hope that both Floyd and I do our best on Saturday and to put our name in boxing history.

“The most important thing I hope for is that after the fight I can talk with Floyd about being an inspiration to people all around the world.”

FLOYD MAYWEATHER SR., Mayweather’s Father & Trainer

“Whatever happens on Saturday, it’s going to be one-sided. Pacquiao is going to sleep.

“I’m a trainer, I know what’s going on with fighters. Pacquiao doesn’t have it.

“Everybody can say what they want to say. I’ve said it before, Pacquiao can’t punch. I’m not worried about it. I’m going to have Floyd walk him down.”

FREDDIE ROACH, Pacquiao’s Trainer

“When this fight was announced, Manny’s training level went way up. He’s really excited about this fight.

“I think we will win a decision and outpoint this guy. If the knockout comes then that will be a bonus.

“I think Manny likes to be the underdog. We like pulling upsets and doing things we’re not supposed to do. Manny is going to be that guy.

“We will put a lot of pressure on Floyd. Manny likes to exchange and with his hand speed, this fight will go in our favor.

“Manny is reckless, but that’s his style. He tries to win fights and people enjoy his fights. He gives it his all and sometimes you get knocked out, that’s part of boxing.”

LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

“The worldwide attention and interest in this event has been unbelievable and Floyd and Manny deserve it.

“Las Vegas has a rich history of hosting the biggest and best fights in the sport. Over the years Floyd Mayweather has made the MGM his home. This will be his 11th consecutive fight at MGM Grand and the 14th in his career.

“There are two great fighters that will be fighting on Saturday night and the focus needs to be on the fighters, no one else. The focus is on the fighters on Saturday night.

“On May 2, Floyd faces another huge challenge in fellow world champion Manny Pacquiao, in a fight that the whole world is waiting to see. Once again Floyd is out to prove that he is The Best Ever and I know he will on Saturday night.”

BOB ARUM, Hall of Fame Promoter, Top Rank

“This is a great promotion with two great fighters. I hope that this fight will help elevate the rest of boxing. I think based on the interest in this fight, there has been increased interest in boxing as well, and that’s great.

“People have spent a lot of time during this event watching Manny train, but more importantly, watching Freddie teach. It’s great to see two guys on the same wavelength, working on the strategy and then working it out in the ring.”

KEN HERSHMAN, President, HBO Sports

“The journey to this fight has been a remarkable one. In addition to the great writing and reporting that all the media has been doing, HBO has been putting on terrific programs for fight fans to enjoy and bring them closer to the sport.

“One important note for everyone, please order the pay-per-view Saturday night early, or if possible today or tomorrow. We expect that the ordering systems will be overwhelmed. Also, there will be two undercard events starting at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and those events can end at any time. We want to make sure that no one misses any of the main event. Tune-in and tune-in early.”

STEPHEN ESPINOZA, Executive Vice President and General Manager, SHOWTIME Sports

“This event is about two world-class athletes, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, who have been working for weeks and weeks, all of their lives really, to get to this precise moment.

“These two fighters have worked their entire lives to get to this moment.

“Floyd and Manny have great teams. Floyd will be the first one to tell you that his team deserves a lot of the credit for his success and I’ve heard Manny say very similar things.

“What makes this event so special and so historic, is that we have two once-in-a-generation athletes who will be meeting in the ring in about 72 hours. We are so proud to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such a highly anticipated event.”

RICHARD STURM, President of Entertainment & Sports for MGM Resorts International

“It is an honor for the MGM Resorts to house this highly anticipated event. Sports fans around the world will have the unique opportunity to watch two of boxing’s top champions, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, as they go toe-to-toe at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

“Excitement for this event has resonated throughout our MGM Resorts properties and the entire Las Vegas community.

“We have created additional programming at the resorts including closed circuit viewing that gives fans the chance to experience MGM’s great championship fights.

“We just want to thank everybody involved in this great event. We’re excited, we’re proud and we can’t wait for Saturday night.”

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