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Mayweather Mailbag: Fans React to Mayweather/Cotto

By Hans Olson

What a biased blinkered article…

So, Floyd has managed his career to perfection you insist?

photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos

Well if that means ducking his biggest rivals over the last 12 years then you are spot on my man, props to you..

He has denied his loyal fans probably 6 HOF fights by his careful matchmaking, disgraceful..

No denying he is super super talented but he has no balls!



Hey Craig, thanks for writing in. I’m sorry if you found the Mayweather article biased…but you might just be used to 90% of the American media being biased AGAINST Floyd Mayweather. When someone shares a different opinion, most fans (usually Pacman fans) are sent into a tailspin of anger and argumentative rage. I appreciate the fact that you at least seem more reasonable than others who I talk to! Now onto your email…

All you have to do is take a look at Floyd Mayweather’s record for PROOF that he’s managed his career to perfection. 42-0. Period. I understand your frustration that Floyd didn’t fight certain names at certain times…but fans often forget about all the guys Floyd DID fight. Let’s go back a few years when Floyd was fighting at 130 and 135. From the time he fought Diego Corrales (who was undefeated at the time) in January 2001 until he fought Jose Luis Castillo for a second time in December 2002, Floyd fought dudes with a combined record (at the time of opposition) of 192-12-3. Although you didn’t mention Pacquiao in your email…I must add that during that era, Manny Pacquiao was feasting on the murderer’s row of Tesutora Senrima, Wethya Sakmuangklang, Lehlohonolo Ledwaba, Agapito Sanchez, Jorge Eliecer Julio, and Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym—a few divisions south at super bantamweight.

Now what does this say? Not much. Manny Pacquiao hadn’t come into his own yet, and when we ultimately judge Manny Pacquiao on his career…it’s not going to be based upon this particular stretch. What it does say is that boxing fans have little to no memory of recent history. For as good as Manny has performed in the years since…Floyd has too has performed just as well. When you acknowledge that Floyd’s been operating on the world class level for much longer, you may begin to view his career in a different light. Floyd EARNED his right to pick and choose who he fights, to maximize his profits based on his earlier career achievements.


Your article on Miguel Cotto’s chances against Floyd Mayweather Jr. were right on.
You obviously know boxing and you made some very valid points.
Keep up the good work.

P.S. Who do you think Floyd fights on May 5th, 2012?

Pedro, Milwaukee WI

Thank you for the kind words Pedro, I appreciate it! I just try to tell things as I see them. I, unlike so many, have no issues with Floyd Mayweather, his personality, how he presents himself, the things he says, etc, etc…I just think he’s an awesome fighter.

I’m 29. I honestly can’t fathom how any sane person beyond their high school years could care about how an athlete portrays his or herself. I don’t take any of the “24/7” character stuff seriously. If you ask me Pedro, boxing needs more fans like yourself, appreciate great boxing.
As far as who Floyd fights on May 5? It’s very tough to say—with Floyd you never know. I guess we should first clarify that who I WANT Floyd to fight on May 5, and who I THINK will fight Floyd on May 5 are different.

I WANT Floyd to fight either Sergio Martinez.

I THINK Floyd will wind up fighting Miguel Cotto.
Again though, this is just my guess as of today. These things have a way of changing very quickly!

loved your article on Mayweather and Cotto.. could not agree more how he is head and shoulders above everyone. funny thing is and i know you wont agree but i think khan has a chance, and only because style make fights.. before you dismiss it,
everyone tries to pressure MM and thats completely the wrong tactics and i think khan is in and out with crazy hand speed..
anyway loved the article!


Thanks for writing in with the kind words Sam! I don’t necessarily disagree that Khan has a chance—but I certainly think that Floyd beats Amir, and beats him decisively. I say believe this for the exact reasons you mentioned. I see Amir trying to box Floyd from a distance early on. He is taller than Floyd, but their reach is actually similar. Knowing this, and with Floyd’s level of comfort fighting just outside of the pocket, Floyd can counter-punch early and often.

Another reason: Amir Khan is young. Although he has improved drastically under the masterful tutelage of Freddie Roach, I still question Amir’s ability to be patient with Floyd. Psychologically, if he doesn’t pressure Floyd—he’s going to feel like he’s losing rounds. Fighting a defensive minded guy like Floyd, most fighters acknowledge that the judges—fully aware of a fighter’s intent and execution at this level—will give Floyd the benefit in those types of rounds. With a young fighter like Amir, he’ll feel forced to press Floyd even before he needs to—and as you pointed out, that’s the wrong thing to do. Floyd eats up pressure fighters all night. Now, Amir Khan does have incredible hand-speed, but Floyd’s hands are just as fast. Additionally, Floyd isn’t ever bothered by hand-speed due to his incredible sense of timing. Timing can always offset speed…and when you have speed yourself, there’s not much your opponent can do.

Those same skills will help nullify Khan’s in-and-out movement as well.

You are right though, styles can make fights…and you never know what can happen once the bell rings. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts man!


Hi Hans,

Just wanted to email and say your article on Mayweather-Cotto was
excellent. Really great analysis.

I’m a big boxing fan and could read stuff like that all day.

I’ll get you added on Twitter and read more of your stuff in the future!



Thank you Marc! I appreciate you writing in! Everyone else should follow your lead and follow me on Twitter @hansolson, along with @boxinginsider

You guys can always email your thoughts as well to [email protected]

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