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Mark Breland On Deontay Wilder: “His Career Is Done Now”

By: Hans Themistode

For years it was the same script for Deontay Wilder. The long-standing heavyweight champion would saunter his way to the ring, box unconventionally and eventually detonate a right hand on his opponent that would end the night in his favor. Yet, following his second contest with Tyson Fury in February of 2020, Wilder was the one who found himself on the wrong end of a knockout loss.

Shortly after his defeat, Wilder went on his social media account and proclaimed that the war between himself and Fury was only just beginning and that he would once again rise to the top. Wilder’s former trainer in Mark Breland on the other hand, believes that Wilder’s career is done and over with.

“His career is done now,” said Breland during an interview with The Fight is Righ1. “I’m done and he’s done.”

Breland, of course, helped guide Wilder’s career over the years and played an enormous role in leading the Alabama native to the world title in 2015. While their relationship appeared to be built on a solid foundation, the moment Wilder lost his title to Fury, the former titlist lashed out at Breland before ultimately letting him go.

Wilder’s issue with Breland stemmed from the long time trainer throwing in the towel during his seventh-round stoppage defeat to Fury. On the night in question, Breland took his normal seat in the corner of Wilder and watched as his man was beaten mercilessly round by round.

After witnessing Wilder hit the deck in both the third and fifth rounds, Breland waved the white flag as to prevent his star from receiving further punishment. While many believed Breland did the right thing, Wilder was apoplectic. To the Alabama product, he would have much rather been knocked unconscious as opposed to having their contest end the way it did. Wilder essentially pinned the loss to Fury on the shoulders of Breland, claiming he was bribed and spiked his drinking water amongst other things.

Although he was mostly mum on Wilder’s scathing accusations, Breland believes that the body of work he has put forth throughout the course of his life has done all of the needed talking for him.

“So many people know me. My character speaks for itself,” explained Breland. “Spiked the water? If you’re looking at the tapes, someone else is giving him the water. Only foolish people come out with stuff like that because it’s crazy.”

Regardless of who was right or wrong, both sides have parted ways for good. In the case of Breland, he continues to stay around the sport of boxing and works with other up and coming fighters looking to make a name for themselves. For Wilder, he’s pushed forward in his attempt to secure a third showdown with Fury, something that has been unsuccessful thus far.

Although the former WBC belt holder is confident in his ability to eventually regain a spot amongst the elite of the heavyweight division, Breland believe’s that he is simply a one-trick pony and only time will tell if his explosive right hand will allow him to recapture another world title.

“One thing you all say is, he’s got a lot of power and that’s all. Only got power and we’ll see how far that takes him.”

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