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Manny Pacquiao is Considering Retirement

By Sean Crose

“For now I don’t talk about it, about my next fight, My focus is to recover and be OK.”

Manny Pacquiao had returned home to the Philippians on Tuesday, but instead of adoring throngs, a smaller mass of life awaited this time around. Pacquiao remained gracious as always, but it was clear the times were changing.

“I will focus first on healing my shoulder,” he claimed. “After that, I will announce continuing my career or announcing retirement.”

There it was – the “R Word.”

Mayweather vs Pacquiao SUPERFIGHT

“I’m not saying I am going to retire,” Pacquiao clarified, “but it’s near. I’m already 36, turning 37 this December.”

Many people, like Hall of Famer Larry Holmes, who feel there’s a possibility at least that Pacquiao can indeed fight on. It’s also been claimed, however, that PacMan may want to hang up the gloves, that he’s a legitimate great who nonetheless came up short against the greatest of his generation.

For the record, Pacquiao actually feels he won the fight with Mayweather in Las Vegas.

“Even if I do not feel well after the third round, fourth round, if we look at it round by round, you’ll see that we didn’t lose,” he said. “But like I said, we respect the decision of the judges.”

“I reviewed the tape many times,” he claimed “and I won by two points against Mayweather Jr., but I respect the judges’ decision. I already accepted it.”

Regardless. Pacquiao has returned home as the man who lost the “Fight of the Century,” and now must face an uncertain future. Indeed, the Congressman made it clear that he may attempt to get even deeper into Filipino politics by running for President.

“I am considering that,” he said. “I am thinking about it.” Indeed, he’ll have plenty of time to think. He’s nearly 37, but won’t be able to run for the Presidency of his country until the age of 40. “It’s just 2015,” Pacquiao said. “We will just continue serving the people. My focus is on my constituents in Sarangani.” He also made it clear that he has family matters to take into consideration.

“My wife,” he claimed, “who is vice-governor of Sarangani, is also thinking about the time we are losing for our family.”

He’s back home now, but Pacquiao may have to return to Las Vegas sooner than he would have hoped. For the Nevada Athletic Commission wants to know exactly what happened regarding the fighter’s injury, at least as it pertained to the lead-up to the fight with Mayweather.

Pacquiao reputedly hurt himself in training a few weeks before May 2nd. He had been taking an approved drug to deal with the injury, yet the night of the fight, matters fell apart. Team Pacquiao asked the commission if a shot of the anti-inflammatory Toradol could be given before the bout. The commission refused, arguing team Pacquiao did not document the injury beforehand, as required.

And now that same commission may want Pacquiao’s hide. The issue has been taken up with the Nevada Attorney General and now it’s a matter or wait and see. “We’re still awaiting word from the attorney general’s office on how to proceed regarding Mr. Pacquiao.” Commissioner Francisco Aguillar said to the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Pacquiao brought up the fact that both he and his wife do a lot for the needy. No matter what else they decide to do in the future, the Pacquiao’s will have plenty of money to invest, spend, and give away as charitably as they see fit. Not a bad scenario for the so-called “losing side.”

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