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LeRoy Neiman on Klitschko vs. Peter

Posted on 08/02/2010

Now that the Wladimir Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter rematch has been set for September in Frankfurt, Germany, I would like to dig up and share with you the prophetic observations of artist LeRoy Neiman who was at the first Klitschko-Peter press conference in New York City, which was days before their memorable Atlantic City showdown…

“(Peter) seems a bit like Joe Frazier but he looks a little bit overwhelmed. He’s catering to the scene a little bit. Not so good. He’s very comfortable, he’s very confident, he’s very tough, but you can’t…when you go against a guy who’s clever, I mean a guy that’s got some moves, it’s a different thing…It’s not a matter of him getting hit. It’s a matter of how many punches he misses to get the good one in. And what the other guy’s gonna be doing in the mean time. I like him though. He has a great frown, good smile, he’s tough, friendly.”

Back in 2005 when they fought in the world title eliminator, it was considered a pick ’em fight, and a very dangerous assignment for Klitschko who many observers felt would be knocked out by the power of the Nigerian strongman. But Neiman interpreted a mighty confidence in the demeanor of Klitschko that afternoon. “He’s not going to lose,” said Neiman of the man known as Dr. Steelhammer. “He’s got the look of a man who is not considering losing in any way. It’s more than confident. It’s not temporary confidence, it’s something that he lives with all the time. He’s got great social consciousness. He’s very socially prepared, confident socially. When he gets in there, look at him, he looks more like a fighter every day.”

Agreeing with the pinpoint accuracy of Neiman’s words I comment that it looks like Klitschko has already made the decision in this fight that he will win. “Yeah. He decided,” adds Neiman. “He’s decided the fight.”

Klitschko won by 12-round unanimous decision over Peter and the two gladiators will rematch in September.

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