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Leo Santa Cruz Interview: I feel excited and at the same time nervous

By: Francisco Martinez

January 15th, 2016 Leo Santa Cruz is set to take his ambitions towards boxing to a whole new level. Being crowned champion in 3 different divisions seems to only be the beginning of Leo Santa Cruz. With help from Andres Rodriguez (MT Sports) and a few other trust worthy individuals Santa Cruz looks to become a promoter and not just in a “get it while the getting is good” kind of effort. Santa Cruz plans to make Last Round promotions a power player in boxing with this coming year being a pivotal one for the kickstart of this ambitious company. brings you an inside look at the beginning of Leo Santa Cruz, “the promoter”…

santacruz “Leo you’re a promoter, now that’s a big step. Last round promotions, how does it feel?”

Leo Santa Cruz: “I feel excited and at the same time nervous because you don’t know how (things) are going to go. We hope everything goes good. We encourage the people to come support us, help us and hopefully they enjoy a great night of fights” “As a boxer your goal is to be a world champion but you’re taking this past that. Now you’re a promoter, did you ever imagined that? Did you ever imagined you’d have all this success…”

Leo Santa Cruz: “…nah” “…you have goals and dreams but to actually accomplish them is a whole different thing. We all have goals and dreams”

Leo Santa Cruz: “No, that was never in my mind or dreams. It’s just something as I became champion, maybe I should become a promoter. My friends are helping me and together we built a promotion (company) and now we’re here” “How difficult is it balancing it out? Is it in the back of your mind, I have to be impressive to give the fans something to come back for?”

Leo Santa Cruz: “There’s a little pressure and sometimes I think about it but my friends and family are helping me with it. I know we’ll do a good job so it’s some relief knowing that. I want to find the future champions” “How does your dad (Don Jose Santa Cruz) feel now that you’re a promoter? I know he’s the one that’s really looking forward to it”

Leo Santa Cruz: “All the pressure is on him because he’s the boss. He’s the one that started this and he’s the one doing everything. We support each other and I think it’s big help”

Don Jose Santa Cruz has proven to be a smart business man in the realms of boxing. So it’s no surprise he has a large part in Last Round promotions dubbed after Leo’s in ring motto of giving it your all up until the very last round (12th round) as he expects from his fighters to do so.

When asked about coming across his rival Guillermo Rigondeaux these past 2 weekends ago at the Premios Univision deportes Leo simply replied, “I went up to him and asked for a picture to show the people I’m not scared of him. I told him he’s a great champion and I would like to fight him”

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