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LA/NYC Press Conf Quotes: Bernand Hopkins & Chad Dawson

BERNARD HOPKINS, WBC & Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Champion

“When you get tired of making history or tired of competing, you will get exposed.

photo by Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos

“In basketball you can call time out. In football you can call timeout. In boxing either you fight or you quit.

“In my career I have gone 12-1 against southpaws. The only loss was to Joe Calzaghe, a fight which most people say I won. It was what it was. I love fighting southpaws because I am very unorthodox. I don’t do things regularly and I am not a regular fighter.

“When you look at my resume and then you look at Chad’s resume, it is like looking at Harvard and community college. No disrespect to community college.

“Age and wisdom cannot be compromised. I have a PhD in what I do. It says that I am 46 years old on my birth certificate. It can be argued that I m 10 years younger than I actually am.

“Me and Father Time are always debating whether it is time or not. I get cramps. I get aches. I am human and I am willing to take that chance. I am willing to walk that tight rope without a safety net. That is what fighting means to me. To be daring or to be dangerous takes courage.

“The light heavyweight division is alive right now. It isn’t because of my seven or eight pushups. It is because of the activity of my last two fights.

“I don’t want Chad to be the laid back Chad. I don’t need him laid back. To be laid back on an old man is not good; you are doing me a favor. I want you to give me something to work against so I can be better. I am a good dancer, if my partner is just okay, it makes me look bad.

[To Dawson] “Lets work together to see who whoops whose ass worse.

“Chumps do exist in boxing. This sport separates the chumps from champs.

“Chad Dawson has to prove that he belongs here and I have to prove that I’m special over and over again. I’m okay with that.

“I am looking forward to eventually breaking Archie Moore’s record of defending a title at the age of 47 or 48. I want that title. I want that record. I want that history.

“I didn’t expect Naazim to give me this money back [Richardson returned his compensation to Hopkins from the Pascal fight]. We can donate this money to a charity that Naazim feels should be supported. We can take this money and do something good. From you to me or me to you we will take this money and put it in a place where it can be productive for a worthy charity.”

“October 15 it is going down at STAPLES Center. History is going to be made again!

CHAD DAWSON, Former Light Heavyweight World Champion

“I want to thank Bernard for finally taking the fight. I want to thank Gary Shaw for believing in me even though I had a bad loss to Jean Pascal.

“I’m excited about my first pay-per-view fight. I have always wanted this fight. I have been chasing this fight for three years.

“A lot of people think I can’t punch. October 15, I am not going for a decision, I am going for a knockout.

“I don’t see any way Bernard can beat me. I have thought that for the last three years and I still think that now.

“Bernard better be on his A-game that night because I am going to be on mine.

“I am excited to be here. I feel better than ever. I’m problem free and stress free. I’m a new Chad.

“This is my ultimate dream. I’m excited.

“He can talk smack as much as he wants. Trash talking sells pay-per-view. I can trash talk, but I just don’t.

“I’m not concerned with what they say on the other side of the table. I’m concerned about them putting the belts around my waist on October 15.

“For me it’s all or nothing. I’m going to give it all or die trying.”


“Chad Dawson is a great young fighter. I watched most of the kids grow up. I watched Kendall Holt, I watched Danny Garcia.

“This undercard is going to be awesome. I can’t wait for that.

“You cannot speak about this man [Bernard Hopkins] with anything other than respect.

“To say you don’t like Bernard Hopkins means you don’t like boxing.

“These kids grew up admiring Bernard Hopkins and learning from Bernard Hopkins.

“I have known Bernard for years. It has been an honor for me and the team to work with him. Seeing him in the ring and being a part of history was an honor. Bernard handed me my payment for the Pascal fight, but he was so outstanding and that was enough for me. [Richardson returns his payment to Hopkins].

“I believe in Chad. I believe he is a young light heavyweight. He might be the one of the most technically sound fighters Bernard has fought. Pascal was definitely the most dangerous.

“You cannot underestimate this man [Hopkins]. This is a living legend. This is a great athlete.”

RICHARD SCHAEFER, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

“This is a fight that has been in the making for quite a while. We are happy for the light heavyweight division. We are happy for the sport.

“We have done many fights at Golden Boy Promotions. I think we have come up with many good fight names. There was ‘The World Awaits’ and ‘Lightweight Lightning.’ I really think we really came up with the perfect title for this fight. ‘Believe It Or Not!’

“Ripley’s Believe It Or Not is a global organization. I encourage those of you who have not been there to visit one of their museums around the country. They are going to promote this fight in their museums and we are very happy to have a real American brand involved in this fight with real American fighters.

“Bernard made believers out of all of us when he beat Kelly Pavlik. Believe me, everyone watching the fight will be believers come October 15.

“I get chills every time I introduce Bernard Hopkins. He is truly a legend.

“Some people don’t realize they’re witnessing history until after the fact. Bernard Hopkins is making history.

“‘Believe It Or Not!’ I think Bernard Hopkins has made believers out of all of us throughout his career.”

GARY SHAW, President & CEO of Gary Shaw Productions

“What Richard and I wanted to do more than anything was to give the fans a great pay-per-view undercard in addition to a great main event. Linares and DeMarco is a great fight. Holt vs. Garcia is a great fight and of then you have the main event.

“It is going to be one hell of a great card. For those going to STAPLES Center and for those of you who will watch it on pay-per-view, you are going to get your money’s worth. We guarantee it.

“We have been chasing Hopkins around the world for three years now. We are glad the cat caught the mouse.

“They [pointing at Golden Boy Promotions’ fighters] are the ‘believers’ and we are the ‘nots.’ This is going to be a big night for Gary Shaw Productions at STAPLES Center and you are going to find out why the believers don’t come true.

“Bernard has done a lot for this sport, but he might not get his due for all that he has done and I mean that.

“Chad is younger. Chad is faster and he is going to be working his jab. His jabs are going to be going up and down faster than Bernard can see them.

“Bernard, with all due respect, you aren’t getting in Chad’s head. It ain’t happening. When the bell rings, Chad is going to jump you’re ass right from the opening bell. You know that and your trainer knows that.”

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