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Klitschko Teases Peter, Dominates Him At Press Conference

World Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko was anything but boring at his press conference with Samuel Peter this week, though the same can hardly be said of his Nigerian rival. Klitschko presented Peter with a birthday cake and offered to let the heavy-fisted challenger to touch and take pictures of his championship belts. Peter, like a dead man sitting, just sat there blankly like a deaf mute and did not or could not think of anything to respond.

Then, Klitschko spoke at the podium and directed attention to the lackluster Peter again. “Sam, I have a question. I’ve been listening to interviews that you said you think you won the fight. I’m wondering, can you please answer this question. You said you won the fight but there were three guys that stole the win. Is that true? Sam? Sam?”

Peter, like a cigar store indian, again sat there blankly and refused to engage. It was reminsicent of Muhammad Ali with Joe Frazier or some of his other far less colorful counterparts.

Klitschko is doing his best but his opponents have nothing to offer, in the ring or out.

So when the American media tries to tell you the Klitschkos are boring and the heavyweight division lacks excitement, just remember, these are the same people who tried to sell you the greatest coward/fraud in boxing history – Floyd Mayweather.

Prediction: Klitschko by knockout.

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