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Klitschko-Peter Press Conference Quotes And Photos

Posted on 10/09/2008

In one of the most significant heavyweight championship fights in years, Samuel Peter and Vitali Klitschko will battle for the WBC Heavyweight Title Saturday on SHOWTIME. Both fighters stake claim to the belt highly coveted belt.

Below are quotes from Monday’s press conference in Berlin, Germany. Tensions rose as the controversy over the belt continued when Peter ripped the belt out of Klitschko’s hands and stormed off the stage.


“I have already fought for a title twice and both times I won. This is the third time and I will be the winner again.

“On October 11, we will know who will be the true WBC Heavyweight-Champion. I’m in great condition and have had a perfect preparation phase.”

FRITZ SDUNEK – Vitali Klitschko’s Trainer

Vitali is very prepared. The camp was perfect. He needed four sparring partners during the camp in Austria. Vitali is a veteran fighter. He knows what to expect from his training camp since this is his third time preparing for a world title fight.

Sam Peter should be called the rabbit, not because he is quick and fast, but because he throws so many rabbit punches.”


“Vitali Klitschko is trying to take my title belt from me. He tried to take it out of my hands at the press conference, but I snatched it from him. It is mine!

“He is a phony who is messing with my career and my life. On Saturday, he will be out of everyone’s life for good.”

“I’m very well prepared. It will be a great fight”

Photo Credit: Klitschko Management Group

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