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Klitschko-Haye Rivarly Could Reach Ali-Frazier Status

Wladimir Klitschko has opened fire on David Haye and it’s the most exciting turn of events to hit the heavyweight division since the Tyson-Holyfield clashes. Finally we have some lively drama, some extreme bad blood and tension between two of the most popular heavyweight boxers on the planet.

Both have vowed intentions on destroying one other and both have the arsenal and artillery to do just that. Klitschko vs. Haye must be made now. It’s obvious for all to see Klitschko is not bluffing, he really wants to get Haye in the ring. On the other hand, Haye does not seem pleased or excited that he is being so aggressively hunted down by the most powerful force in professional boxing. There seems to be a small hint of reluctance from Haye, which leads you to suspect he might have been bluffing the whole charade about being the heavyweight savior.

Like Ali and Frazier, Klitschko and Haye could not be more different personalities with contrasting styles. And they both despire each other deeply. When these factors are combined together, the result is an volcanic eruption, which makes boxing the ultimate, most compelling, most fascinating athletic competition on the planet.

Now the fight is ready to be made and it must be made. The business of boxing has been waiting for this moment for years. For many years we have patiently waited for someone to emerge to play the foil to the omnipotent, dominating presence of Dr. Steelhammer. Haye is here now, having made a very loud and dynamic entrance into the heavyweight jungle 18 months ago.

History always repeats itself – and finally now we have the two colorful and explosive characters apparently ready and willing to join forces and do battle.

Klitschko and Haye. Even the names flow together, like Ali and Frazier. Leonard and Hearns. Bowe and Holyfield. Klitschko and Haye are ready to make history and captivate the world. It’s conceivable that this clash of titans could reach the global popularity status of Ali and Frazier. We do not know exactly how this special rivalry will take form and how it will play out but we already know it will be something very special. Klitschko vs. Haye has the potential to uplift and revitalize the entire sport as an industry. And hopefully return it back to the golden days of glory of yesteryear.

If the boxing powers that be find a way to bungle making this ultra-fight from happening in 2010, or if they let Haye take the coward’s way out of this super-fight of all super-fights – that he insisted he so eagerly wants, you have to wonder what the future would be for our sport which has been suffering in irrelevance for far too long.

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