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Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. Interview: Mayweather is fighter I particularly dont like

Posted on 07/14/2015

By: Francisco Martinez paid a little visit to the new private gym 2011 Ring magazine “trainer of the year” Robert Garcia has build and situated in Riverside, CA. The soul purpose of this gym is to help Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. get back to form and winning shape hopefully helping him finally reach his full potential and focus on his still young but in jeopardy boxing career. With an unexpected presence by senior, quickly got to action to obtain a interview with the “Gran campeon Mexicano” Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. himself. An already proven difficult task but we managed to open up the legendary Mexican idol. With all the criticism Floyd Mayweather Jr. has received as of late for the lack in competition the two front leading candidates bring for what is perceived to be his final fight this September, it was only right we get Chavez senior’s insight on the whole situation. Here’s Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. on Floyd Mayweather Jr.

1Chavez_Zbik 110604_001a “How would you have faired against Floyd Mayweather Jr?”

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr: “It would have been a difficult fight for me. I would have beat him and let me tell you why. I was a fighter that attacked and forced his opponents to fight. I didn’t give them space. I would have forced him to fight. I would have beat on him. Hit him to the body, to the head and I’m sure that before the end of the 12th round I would have knocked him out” “What are your thoughts on Mayweather’s career? He hasn’t fought the best opposition. He fights guys like Marquez who are older and past their prime. He always chooses his opponents. How do you see Mayweather’s career up to this point?”

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr: “He’s a good boxer offensively, I mean defensively he’s a good fighter. He’s a fighter I particularly don’t like. I believe if he had fought the fighters from the 80′ and 90’s he wouldn’t have been able to do anything. He fought in a time where the greats where on their way to retirement. He’s always chose his opponents and like I said defensively he’s a good fighter and that’s about it” “the boxing public says had Mayweather had half the heart of his uncle Roger’s he would have been a great fighter. You fought Roger. What’s your opinion on those statements?”

(Julio Cesar Chavez fought Roger Mayweather twice. Knocking him out in the second round in ’85 and beating Roger until he quit and refused to answer the bell for the 10th round back in ’89. Both contest had the WBC title on the line)

Julius Cesar Chavez Sr: “Well I have to agree. He fights for himself and not the fans. The public pays to watch him so what does he care. He will retire undefeated, why? Because he never face the best. He always chooses his opponents. He always fights in Las Vegas. He always has everything to his favor and nothing against him” “He’s 48-0. You where over 80-0 before your first loss. The public claims you’re greater then him do to that and because like you say, back then you had to fight the best and you did. Does that justify those claims?”

Julio Cesar Chavez Sr: “I don’t know but truthfully I was 89-0 and on my way to the 90th victory I lost. I faced 37 world champions. I fought in 37 world title bouts. I always fought the best and he didn’t. He always chose his opponents and he’s going to keeping doing so but this is the way today’s era of boxing is and we must respect it”

(Julios Cesar Chavez Sr. had what is acknowledge by most boxing enthusiasts as the best career start with a 89-0 streak that came to an end on his 90th fight against “The Surgeon” Frankie Randall. Not only did Randall defeat the great Chavez but he was the first to knock him down. In that 89-0 start Chavez beat many great fighters like Edwin Rosario, Roger Mayweather, Meldrick Taylor and Hector Camacho)

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