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Jessie Vargas Interview: I think Bradley Needs to Worry

Posted on 06/26/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

On June 27th at the StubHub center undefeated rising Top Rank star Jessie Vargas finds himself in the ring against stable mate Timothy Bradley Jr. a fighter who was once in the position Vargas finds himself in now. Jessie Vargas is set on making his rise to the top at the expense of Timothy Bradley Jr. whom he plans on defeating this Saturday. Knowing a victory over Bradley will make him the star that he has been seeking to be since becoming a professional. Jessie Vargas plans on going in and knocking out Bradley. His exact words. brings you an interview with the confident Vargas days away from his big opportunity.

Vargas_media day_150624_002a “Bradley just said that after you, your trainer Erik Morales can get next if he wants to come out of retirement. What do you think about that?”

Jessie Vargas: “Old School Training: Joel Diaz and Timothy Bradley Turn Back the Clockabout me because he’s going to lose on Saturday night. So he just better figure out what to do after he loses. Either retire or take care of his family or find another route” “Most people are questioning your choice of trainers. Both Roy Jones Jr and Erik Morales are inexperienced. How do feel about that?”

Jessie Vargas: “For both being inexperienced trainers they are doing a great job. Erik has been doing a tremendous job and has taken me to another level. He’s a great fighter himself one of the best and is taking me to another level and will guide me to victory” “You say you’re seeking the knockout is that a mistaken being that the opponents in the past have had issues knocking out Bradley?”

Jessie Vargas: “The opponents in the past don’t have what Jessie Vargas has. So we’ll find out this June 27th, Saturday night” “Is this a good moment for you. This is your big fight and moment, signing for the fans?”

Bradley_Vargas_final PC_150625_002a

Jessie Vargas: “I’m excited just for the fight itself. I could have no one asking for pictures or autographs and would be excited for the fight and giving them a great fight” “What’s one of your favorite Erik Morales fights?”

Jessie Vargas: “That would have to be when he beat (Marco Antonio) Barrera when he beat (Marcos) Maidana…” “What about (Manny) Pacquiao 1?” (Although Erik Morales was at the back end of his career he beat Manny Pacquiao once in a three fight series)

Jessie Vargas: “Oh sh*t, that was the one…” “He’s been retired so long you forgot he fought Manny Pacquiao right?”

Jessie Vargas: “That’s my favorite moment right there when he beat Manny Pacquiao. I was happy. He schooled him. He wasn’t in his prime and he knows it. I can only imagine what he would have done if he was” “What about had he fought (Floyd) Mayweather at 130lbs?” (Both Erik Morales and Floyd Mayweather Jr competed at Super Featherweight and where in a crash course towards each other but the fight never materialized)

Jessie Vargas: “We don’t know since it didn’t happen. They did spar. He (Erik Morales) talks about it with a smile”

Photos: Chris Farina/Top Rank

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