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Jessica McCaskill Proves The First Time Around Was No Fluke As She Defeats Cecilia Braekhus Once Again

Posted on 03/13/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Cecilia Braekhus (36-2, 9 KOs) claimed her first contest against Jessica McCaskill (10-2, 3 KOs) a year ago was nothing more than a fluke. For the former undisputed welterweight world champion, it was the first time in her career that she didn’t get her hand raised following a fight.

After contemplating retirement, Braekhus whisked away those thoughts and instead, pursued a rematch. With another ten rounds in the books tonight at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas Texas, McCaskill proved that the first time around was no accident.

Before the opening bell officially rang, McCaskill ran to the center of the ring. A more calm and relaxed Braekhus would eventually meet her there but would be forced to avoid the oncoming punches headed in her direction.

While Braekhus attempted to slip and roll with the punches, in many instances, she realized that it simply wasn’t enough and instead, choose to grab and hold. Refusing to be held in check though, McCaskill, physically fought through the constant tie-ups and began letting her hands go. On numerous occasions, Braekhus was hit flush with several shots.

After two rounds that mirrored much of the same, McCaskill fought her best round in the third, Braekhus stumbled into the ropes as countless overhand rights found their target. In the case of women’s boxing, however, they aren’t afforded the three-minute rounds as is the case with men. Instead, they are asked to get their work done in two-minute stanzas.

But while Braekhus continued to survive, she ultimately couldn’t get her offense going. The former multiple division champion was consistently pressed and backed into the ropes with nowhere to go. From there, McCaskill tee’d off on her helpless opponent.

A subdued Braekhus could only sit on the outside and defend herself in the final few rounds. Before McCaskill was officially handed the win, Braekhus nodded her head in approval and gave her a round of applause as if she admitted she was defeated. A few moments later, the three judges scoring the contest confirmed her feelings as McCaskill was handed the unanimous decision victory.

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