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Jermain Taylor Q&A: “I Guarantee I Will Win The Fight”

Posted on 04/23/2009

Jermain Taylor is happy to be back in the big-time, especially after the dull experiences he endured from the Jeff Lacy fight. Here’s what Jermain Taylor has to say on the eve of his big battle against Carl Froch for the WBC Super Middleweight title.

“It’s time to give (the title) back over here. Hopefully I’ll take the belt from Carl Froch.”

“This is what boxing is all about. When you have fights you really don’t know who gonna win. And I love those kind of fights.”

“I’ve only seen one or two of his fights, I hate to sound like I’m underestimating him.”

I asked Jermain what he thought the key was to winning the fight?

“Key to winning the fight? The key to winning this fight is just all 12 rounds, just going in there and work. The hard work. Never backing down. Just fighting all 12 rounds. And I guarantee I will win the fight.”

You had a pretty good, heated stare-down there…

“Yeah! That was good. I like that, man!”

What did you see in his eyes?

“I saw a fighter who is confident. I see a fighter who comes to fight. I like to see a fighter who don’t know how to lose, until you teach him.”

You seem genuinely pumped up for this.

“I’m lovin’ this fight [smiling broadly with bright enthusiasm]! I’m lovin’ this fight right here. You should have seen the last press conference. I miss this right here. I miss being #1. I want to get it back.”

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