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Jarrell Miller: “Banned For Life? No, You’re Out of Your Mind.”

By: Hans Themistode

When the news broke of heavyweight contender Jarrell Miller and his failed drug test, a collective “not again” echoed through the minds of boxing fans. Just one year prior, the Brooklyn native was busted for performance enhancing drugs which led to the cancelation of his showdown against unified champion Anthony Joshua. Along with that aforementioned cancelation came a six month suspension handed down by the WBA. 

Anthony Joshua and Jarrel ‘Baby” Miller Press conference ahead of their World Heavyweight title fight at Madison Square Garden, New York on Saturday June 1st 2019, live on Sky Sports Box Office and DAZN. 25th February 2019 Picture By Mark Robinson.

Yet, as of September 22nd, 2019, Miller completed his time on the shelf and was set to continue his career on July 9th. Set to face Miller on the night was Jerry Forrest, or at least, that was the original idea. But with Miller popping once again for banned substances, he has been removed from the card and his boxing license has been subsequently suspended. 

Promoter Bob Arum, was “extremely disappointed” when the news broke. But no matter how upset Arum or the fans of Miller are, it pales in comparison to how the Brooklyn born native is feeling at the moment.

“Nobody can be more outraged than me,” said Miller during an interview with Jeremy C. Herriges on Fight Network. “I’m the one who’s lost millions of dollars, I’m the one who has their career on the line. So no one is going to be more outraged than me.” 

The boxing public was incredulous to the recent news of Jarrell Miller and his positive drug test. But apparently, so was he. Following his most recent suspension, Miller vowed to be more diligent in what he ingests going forward and promised to own up to his mistakes. 

But according to Miller, he had done just that. He left no stone unturned in his second chance in the sport of boxing. 

“We were super diligent,” said Miller. “The thing is there is information that will come out eventually. If I knew that this was a substance that was going to be damaging I wouldn’t have taken it.”

The questions surrounding Miller and his claim of innocence have come from everywhere. But while there is still plenty left for him to answer, he first wants to ask the public a question of his own.

“I know it sounds crazy but why in the hell do you think I would go back and do something repeatedly, knowingly in my return fight? Especially with the financial setbacks and hardships that I have dealt with in my life. I want the public to think about that.”

While Miller reiterates that the public should sit back and wait before castigating him, most inside of boxing circles have already made up their minds. 

“Ban him for 2-3 years,” said former two division world champion and current ESPN commentator Andre Ward. “If he has any other positive tests or infractions, ban him for life.”

“This is the third state that he has tested positive in,” said ESPN analysts Mark Kriegel. “New York, Nevada and California. I spoke to a prominent athletic commissioner who said if Nevada doesn’t move to ban him permanently, then he will with the association of boxing commissions.”

At the age of 31, a truncated career is something that could very well be on the table for Miller. He isn’t oblivious to it. In fact, since the news of his positive tests has surfaced, it’s dawned on him that he could be headed down that road. 

With that being said, the heavyweight contender believes there is no way in hell he should receive the death penalty.  

“Yes, it’s definitely crossed my mind. But I should absolutely not be banned. I’m prepared to accept my suspension and I’m willing to do my monthly testing during my suspension. But to be banned for life? No you’re out of your mind.” 

The current investigation surrounding Miller doesn’t allow room for him to answer questions as freely as he wants. Regardless of his restrictions though, Miller wants to make one thing clear to everyone.

“I have never, ever willingly taken a steroid for performance enhancing purposes,” explained Miller. “Did I take something for healing properties and injuries? Yes I have. But to win a fight? No, I have never done that.”

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