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It’s Floyd’s Cowardice vs. The Will Of Ross Greenburg

Posted on 11/04/2010

When a bully-coward is scared to death of being knocked out, all the money in the world might not be enough to lure him to face his demise.

The fear of a coward is an immeasureable force, as the coward will do anything to survive his destruction.

We know Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to enter a ring with Manny Pacquiao because he is deathly afraid of being knocked out. Though he stands to profit anywhere from $30,000,000 to perhaps $50 million to get knocked out by Pacquiao, Floyd would prefer to avoid the fight.

HBO Sports – and specifically it’s boxing programming is slumping. Some say HBO is in deep trouble and it’s future as the leading force of American boxing is not a guarantee.

Making Pacquiao vs. Mayweather – even though many of us already know what the outcome will be – is sure to be the most profitable prizefight in boxing history – and it’s absolutely imperative for HBO Sports and it’s President Ross Greenburg to make it a reality for 2011. In order to keep the sport relevant and strong in the United States, as well as to generate the revenues that Time Warner, the parent of HBO, wants and expects, after investing so much time and money into building the careers of Mayweather and Pacquiao.

Tom Hauser recently asked Greenburg a very interesting question about if HBO would continue to support and invest in Floyd if he aspired to fight anyone else besides Pacquiao: “What would HBO do if Floyd came back and wanted to fight someone other than Manny?”

Greenburg replied with a very diplomatic though somewhat revealing answer. “That would pose a problem for us. The fact that we (HBO) couldn’t make Mayweather-Pacquiao cast a pall over the sport this year. Now we have to come to terms with the fact that the fight might not happen and move on. If Floyd came back and wanted to fight someone else, I’m not sure how we’d handle it.”

You know that day is going to come when Floyd and Al Haymon are going to ask HBO for a freebie, easy, handpicked fight which is NOT going to involve Pacquiao. Greenburg had better be sure how to handle that situation before it arrives.

He has to stand firm with Al Haymon and Floyd. He might even have to say F*** You to Haymon and Floyd. In fact, Greenburg maybe should have said it now, in Tom Hauser’s widely-read article.

The future of boxing in America actually may hang in the balance. It will come down to a simple battle of wills – between Floyd’s Mayweather’s cowardice vs. Ross Greenburg’s determination.

I have concluded that Al Haymon, the advisor of Mayweather, doesn’t care an iota about anything to do with the pure, true, competitive nature of boxing, he only cares about the corporate business aspect, and that he can continue to play out his political ego trip of being in control of the supposed biggest star in boxing, who in reality is a fraud.

With Floyd Mayweather knocked out, Haymon’s stature in the sport will also be knocked out. After Floyd is eliminated by Pacquiao, Haymon will have nothing but a stable of mediocre non-stars. This is why I believe Haymon is an enemy of boxing and HBO, and desperate to save his only significant asset – Mayweather – from Pacquiao. Of course, he also wants to save his own ego from being knocked out. Based on following his recent actions, I believe Haymon will do anything in his power to prevent the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight from happening. Ross Greenburg must be aware of this and deal with it accordingly. HBO must blackball Floyd until he fights Pacquiao. The Don King escape option failed for Floyd and there is nowhere else to run to.

I recently asked a VIP with Golden Boy if there have been any indications from Mayweather that he is interested to fight Pacquiao in 2011. The answer was he had no idea, that only Richard Schaefer and Al Haymon would know.

It’s all going to come down to if Ross Greenburg compromises and caves in to Haymon and Mayweather. Greenburg must stand firm and refuse to support and reward a coward/bully who wants more multi-million paydays for meaningless garbage set up “fights.”

If HBO Sports surrenders to the wishes of Mayweather, Haymon, the sport of boxing will have sunk to, I believe, an all-time lowpoint. Boxing will no longer be trusted to make the best fight the best. And with people like Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather polluting the sport with their fraud, boxing could become as real and authentic as professional wrestling.

That’s why all boxing fans worldwide should be hoping and rooting for Al Haymon and Floyd Mayweather to be defeated in their power struggle against Ross Greenburg.

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