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Ishe Smith Wins 2nd Round KO – Night Before PPV Results

Posted on 05/02/2014

Ishe Smith Wins 2nd Round KOThe Night Before the Night: Sho Box Results

Fortune can swing faster in boxing than most sports could ever dream possible. Ishe smith, 26-6-12-0-(6), who gained momentary fame on the reality series “The Contender”, is one of the toughest acts to follow in all of boxing. A former top prospect who gradually turned into a gatekeeper, Smith is a technically gifted boxer that has made a living by stinking out the joint—sometimes he loses and sometimes he scrapes out a win. Tonight he got the victory over Davis. It was featured on TV because of his friendship with Floyd Mayweather.

In a despicable mismatch, Smith disposed of novice fighter Ryan Davis, 24-12-3-(7), in the second round courtesy of a right hand. In the first round of his confrontation with the overmatched Ryan Davis, he beat the living daylights out of his opponent but held out on the all-out finish at the end of the round. Despite Smith’s famous reluctance to take charge, the sheer difference of skill made this match nothing but formability. In the second round a counter Overhand right put an end to the matter.


Mickey “The Spirit” Bey, 20-1-1-(10), scored a hard-fought ten round unanimous decision over Alan “Explosivo” Herrera, 32-6-(21). Bey dominated the slower Herrera with his explosive hand speed and foot movement for the first six rounds, but Herrera managed to drop Bey at the end of the seventh. . Bey kept his distance in the eighth round. Bey then staggered Herrera late in the round and cruised to a 97-92, 98-92, 98-92 win.

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