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Is Marriage Just More Fraud From Floyd?

Now Floyd Mayweather suddenly is telling us he’s about to get married to some girl named Miss Jackson.

But how do we really know it’s not more fraud, from the king of fraud himself?

Remember, the supposed $100,000,000 contract from Don King? That turned out to be bogus.

Remember the promise to fight Pacquiao if he just agrees to take the test?

Remember when Floyd said he was going to clean up boxing and all sports?

Remember when Floyd said he was going to go to MMA?

Remember when Floyd told us about the supposed big offer to fight in Dubai?

Remember when Floyd told us he don’t duck or dodge anyone, and if it makes dollars it makes sense?

Remember when Floyd told us after the Marquez fight he was gonna fight who the fans wanted him to fight? Just line ’em up, he promised us.

Remember Floyd told us Manny Pacquiao is too one-dimensional and that God gave him his talents and was on his side, and won’t let Floyd lose to anybody?

Considering these listed lies and many others not noted, I don’t know if I really believe Floyd is getting married for honest reasons. It could be another PR scheme concocted by his protectors and enablers, in order to attempt to salvage his badly tarnished public image. So these power whores can all save their own egos and continue to exploit and make money off this poor, sad, little creature who will apparently do anything for fame, fortune and celebrity – except, of course, fight high-risk opponents like Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, Paul Williams that will knock him out.

Floyd Mayweather has told so many lies over the recent years that he might indeed be the greatest phony in the history of sport. He might be such a total, complete fraud that he will say or do absolutely whatever it takes to maintain his manufactured, bogus undefeated record while ducking and avoiding any fighter who can expose the massive fraud that he is.

I have serious doubts about anything Floyd says or does. And given his documented history for telling lies and using deception for his own gain, so should you.

And, hopefully, so should the people at HBO when it comes time to tell Floyd who he will fight next – Manny Pacquiao. Yes, HBO, you call the shots, not Al Haymon, not Mayweather. Because if HBO caves in and decides to forgo the estimated $200,000,000 from a Pacquiao-Mayweather clash and opts to support Mayweather cowardice, by investing and financing in more Al Haymon garbage handpicked “fights”, boxing and ALL of it’s powers that be might as well flush themselves down the toilet.

Along with Floyd Mayweather, of course.

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