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Is Manny Pacquiao Willing to Take the Test?

Posted on 10/11/2011

By Hans Olson

Full Interview with USADA’s Annie Skinner…coming Monday on Boxing Insider

Bob Arum to Dan Rafael on September 13:

“The testing would have to be done by WADA, which means when Manny trains in the Philippines, whoever they use in Asia to do the testing would do it,” Arum said. “When Manny is training in the United States, they would use USADA. WADA gets the agency to supervise the testing in the Philippines. But the point is, it all has to be done under the overall authority of the boxing commission wherever you have the fight.”

USADA’s Annie Skinner to Hans Olson on October 11

“USADA has the protocols in place to test an athlete who may be training or living for a period of time outside of the United States and regularly does so for U.S. athletes in the Olympic movement. If all parties agree to an anti-doping program conducted by USADA, the testing plan could be carried out regardless of an athlete’s location. Again it’s important to understand that WADA does not provide testing services the way that USADA or a state boxing commission does. WADA sets standards and USADA’s testing program is consistent with those standards.”

Looks like Bob Arum is lying. Maybe tomorrow he’ll tell the truth.

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