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Is A Gatti Family Fued Developing?

Joe Gatti, the older brother of Arturo Gatti recently criticized his family in a Journal de Montreal article. Joe Gatti stands behind the widow of his brother – Amanda Rodrigues – in a legal battle between the Gatti family and Rodrigues.

Joe Gatti, who once challenged Terry Norris for the WBC Super Welterweight title, told Journal de Montreal columnist Mathieu Turbide that he does not understand his family – including his other brother Fabrizio and his mother Ida. “They should be ashamed,” said Joe Gatti. “They should be ashamed of what they do. They know that Amanda did not kill Arturo but they still want to throw it in the street and throw little Arturo Junior in the street with her. It’s unbelievable.”

Last summer, Amanda Rodrigues was arrested by Brazilian police for the alleged murder of her husband. At first Joe Gatti believed she was responsible for Arturo’s death, “But when we learned more about what happened, we that it was not not her. I am convinced, my family knows it too,” Joe Gatti told Journal de Montreal.

Joe Gatti decided to resume communication with his step-sister Amanda Rodrigues and nephew. “I decided to stay in the life of this little boy. He needs to know his family. It’s my blood,” said Joe Gatti who is married and has two daughters. Joe Gatti met his nephew Arturo Junior late in 2009 at the house of Amanda Rodrigues. “It has not been easy, he looks so much like Arturo when he was little.”

Joe Gatti has been not been a visible figure in the boxing world in recent years, though at one time the two were very close. It was Joe who first came to New Jersey to initiate a pro boxing career in the early 1990’s and Arturo followed his steps. Joe Gatti was also curiosly omitted from the recent HBO Real Sports special about Arturo Gatti.

Apparently there is a riff between Joe Gatti and the former manager of his brother. “Over the years the mananger of Arturo (Pat Lynch) was able to separate us. I have many regrets for my relationship with Arturo. I will not let his son grow up without knowing who I am,” insisted Joe Gatti to Turbide.

Amanda Rodrigues said to Journal de Montreal that Joe Gatti “brought him (Arturo Jr.) gifts, Joe takes it as a father would take care of his son. He is the only family member who is interested in my son.”

Joe Gatti says he is prepared to go and testify in favor or Amanda against his own family, as part of a request of the Gatti family to invalidate the will signatured by Arturo to bequeath his fortune to his widow. “We’ll see. If Amanda needs me to go to Montreal to testify in his favor, I will support it,” Joe Gatti told Journal de Montreal.

From my contacts who knew Arturo Gatti, there is a much larger story about this situation than the very incomplete one told on HBO’s Real Sports last month. If certain people ever decide to talk, this story will explode — and there are some people who were associated with Arturo Gatti that very much do not want the full story to ever be made public. And that may be the understatement of the year.

As of this moment, there is a journalist from Montreal who is currently living in Jersey City, New Jersey working diligently on a book about the life and career of Arturo Gatti.

Source: Journal de Montreal and Columnist Mathieu Turbide

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