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Interview with Tyson Fury: Determination is the Key

By Ezio Prapotnich

They are both young, hungry and they equally dislike each other. They meet with the British and Commonwealth titles on the line but there is something more important at stake: with Haye out of the way, the landscape is open. Who will be the new national Heavyweight hero in the UK? Who will go on to conquer the world? British and Commonwealth champion Derek Chisora will face English champion Tyson Fury at Wembley arena on the 23rd of July. Neither is looking to win a decision, but who will be the last man standing? Tyson Fury GUARANTEES you It’s going to be him…

BOXINGINSIDER: In Emanuel Steward absence, who has been training you?

TYSON FURY: I have not trained with Emanuel since December. I am training in Lancaster with my uncle, as for my last fight against Nascimento?

BOXINGINSIDER: Have you been doing something different in preparation to this bout?

TYSON FURY: Not really, except for a major focus on fitness. I have been watching my diet and cutting all the junk food. I am in the best shape of my life. Chisora is going to get it. Definitely.

BOXINGINSIDER: In honesty, how do you assess Chisora as a fighter? What are his strengths and what are his weaknesses?

TYSON FURY: He is a good fighter. He has a good head movement, he is quick and has a high output of punches for a heavyweight. That aside, he is quite inexperienced, has not fought anyone of quality and both his chin and his heart are untested. I am going to be that test.

BOXINGINSIDER: Do you consider him your toughest opponent so far?

TYSON FURY: With the exception of John McDermott, who would beat him, all my opponents so far are just as good, if not better, as Chisora.

BOXINGINSIDER: What will be your main asset to victory?

TYSON FURY: I have weight and reach advantage, as well as the heart of a lion, but what will get me through is the determination I feel. It’s going to be determination over all. I a m going to win this. Even if he comes in the ring with two hammers in his hands, I am going to win.

BOXINGINSIDER: What kind of victory do you expect? On points or by stoppage?

TYSON FURY: My plan is to fight from the outside, keep him at range. But, if he does manage to get close, I will stand toe to toe. I am ready to box, brawl or whatever else is required to get the win. I got plan A to Z. But, it’s not going to go the distance.

BOXINGINSIDER: If you get past him, what will the next step be?

TYSON FURY: Well, Wladimir Klitschko has expressed interest in fighting the winner.

BOXINGINSIDER: you have been giving contradictory statements on this matter. First you said you would fight him and then you claimed you want to go to European level first and gain experience. What is your last word?

TYSON FURY: I think that after Chisora I will be ready. If our promoters and managers can get by the business negotiations, i am more than willing to fight him.

BOXINGINSIDER: How do you feel about your ex-stable mates Froch, Murray and Barker, who left Hennessy in search of TV exposure? Will this become an issue for you too down the line?

TYSON FURY: To be honest, it’s been good for me, as now I am the star of the stable and the focus of attention. I already been rewarded as the fight will be on terrestrial TV. I started with Mick Hennessy and I will stick with him through the thick and the thin. We will unify the division together.

BOXINGINSIDER: Has unifying the division been your goal from day one?

TYSON FURY: My amateur coach used to tell me that, if I play it right, I can go on to rule the division for 20 years. Vitali has not got much left and Wlad will go to, if only for the fact that there is no one left for him to beat. There are no Americans heavyweights. Helenius aside, it really gets down to Chisora and me. And the only person who can beat me is me.

BOXINGINSIDER: Would you consider moving to the USA t oboost your career, like Amir Khan for example?

TYSON FURY: We do not know what the future holds. If an opportunity that makes sense comes along, why not? But, right now, I prefer to be a big fish in a small pond rather than in the ocean. There are too many stars in America, and I’m not talking just about boxing. If you make it as a sport personality in the UK, the whole country gets behind you.

BOXINGINSIDER: But, if you do actually lose on the 23rd, what are you going to do?

TYSON FURY: I am only 23 and very tall. I will go to LA and sign for the Lakers. (Laughs then pauses) I am not going to lose.

The Big Brawl – Fury vs Chisora will take place Sat 23rd July 2011at
Wembley Arena, London.
**Ringside Gold Seating £350.00
**Ringside Silver Seating £300.00
**Ringside Bronze Seating £250.00
Outer Ringside Seating £150.00
Premium Tiered Seating £50.00
Tiered Seating £40.00
**Ticket Upgrade £45.00
Wembley Arena, 24hr Box Office
0844 815 0815

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