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Interview with “Hammering” Hank Lundy – “Break this guy down, break his will”

By: Francisco Martinez caught up with “Hammering” Hank Lundy at the press conference for his fight against Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera on Saturday July 11th, 2015 at the L.A. Sports arena in Los Angeles California brought to you by Golden Boy promotions live on HBO Latino.

lundy “Are you ready, what can we expect?”

Hank Lundy: “Yall gonna see elusive Hammering Hank, hand speed, you know, doing what I do. Break this guy down, break his will, break his determination and show him I ain’t Danny Garcia I’m Hammering Hank Lundy” “Did your inactivity hurt you against Thomas Dulorme? Will that affect you coming into this fight?”

Hank Lundy: “You know what Happen, we had three fights lined up, we was already, ready to go. I wished the fight was the June 6th, like it was suppose to be. I’m ready to go right now, on weight, I’m good”

lundyherr Photos: Hogan Photos/ Golden Boy “So the fights kept falling through?”

Hank Lundy: “Right, but you know we stayed in the gym still training and sparring, like I said man I’m always ready, I never have to get ready to fight” “What’s this back and forward with Karim Mayfield?”

Hank Lundy: “You know when he was on top I wanted to fight you know and now that I’m on top he wanna come at me but I told him man, I run an duck from nobody! I’m an old throwback fighter, anybody can get it!” “After this fight, who would you like next?”

Hank Lundy: “Well you know, first and foremost you know after I take care of Herrera, you know I give Herrera respect but it all stops there, cause I really thought he beat Danny, so give me Danny so I can show the world as I clean up this guy how I’m gonna clean up him!” “What’s waiting for Danny Garcia?”

Hank Lundy: “Oh you know, you already know man. Listen, I’m gonna tell you like this, if those gyms could talk especially in south philly they already know what goes down in that gym but I’m gonna let that melt in your mind but you know it’s time to get it man. Look, strap up the gloves, talk that out, we can get it! Stop running!” “Are you planning on Boxing Herrera or are you gonna take it to him?”

Hank Lundy: “Ah man listen, I ain’t gonna let the tricks out the bag, yall just gotta wait fight night and see You know, Hammering Hank Lundy work” “What do you think about his Boxing ability?”

Hank Lundy: “Anything he do, anyway he wanna fight, I guarantee I capitalize on it and I’ll show him who’s the better man!” “You started on ESPN, you moved on to HBO was that a dream come true?”

Hank Lundy: “Oh well you know, it definitely is. Every fighter you know coming from ESPN or just coming up in general you know everybody wanna make to the big step. Like I said in my career I had nothing easy, nothing was given to me. I started off with a small time promoter you know and I made it big to HBO. All hard work and determination and the will to go in there and fight anybody and whoever” “Thank you Mr. Lundy”


Hank Lundy gave the following quotes at the Press Conference:

“Every time I touch Mauricio with that glove it will bring pain. You are going to think about retiring after this fight. I’m ready to go to war.

“I hope Mauricio is in shape. But listen, I’m always in shape and always ready to go.

“That belt, I had it, and I’m bringing it home. This is a championship fight, and once I beat you, they will know who the real champion is: ‘Hammerin” Hank Lundy.”

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