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Interview with Demetrius Davis

Posted on 05/29/2009

Demetrius Davis is a cross between James Kirkland and Emmanuel Augustus. The talented fighter began a career in 1987, was incarcerated, and then resumed his career in 2007. He is the son of famed trainer Adrian Davis who trained Ray Leonard, Sharmba Mitchell and 14 other world champions.

CM: You have a big fight coming up against Corey Cummings. What do you know About your opponent and how do you see the fight playing out?

Demetrius Davis: I don’t know much about him other than that he’s a pretty good fighter. He was with my father when I was incarcerated. I take nothing from the man but this is an opportunity to let the world see me back.

CM: You have a deceptive record of 19 wins, 14 losses and 5 draws. How many of those losses and draws do you feel should be wins?

Demetrius Davis: ALL OF THEM! Except two. I had asthma attacks in two fights. Thanks God he delivered me from it because I don’t have asthma any more. I was beating guys, knocking them down but with guys like Bob Arum, Lou Duva and Georgie Benton corners, you got to knock these guys out to win. That’s where I’m at today- got to get these guys outta there.

CM: You are known for going into guy’s hometowns and either winning or losing highly disputed decisions. How frustrating does that get?

Demetrius Davis: That was in the past. Recently I went to Orlando Florida with my wife and me. She is my manager, just me and her went all the way to the guy’s hometown. He was undefeated, had Howard Davis and Pinklon Thomas in the corner. I was there as the opponent. I was supposed to lose. But I went there knocked the boy down, beat him EVERY round. No more leaving it up to the judges.

CM: Demetrius your story runs much deeper. You fought from 1987-1998, then you were incarcerated, and then came back in 2007. Give us your story in your words about your comeback and what you had to deal with.

Demetrius Davis: Well really since 87, I went in when I first turned pro after my first 3 fights. I call that a part of growing up and wanting to be like the other crowd and doing things of the world. I was hard headed. Altogether I’ve been locked up 17 years of my life. everybody knows Demetrius Davis’ story, but the truth must be told. I want the world to know that I’ve been delivered. God turned my life around. I’m a pastor and me and my wife owns a church. The Bible says you can do all things through Christ and now I know I can get all those belts at super middleweight and light heavyweight.

CM: You refer to yourself as a fighter of faith. How did that come about and how does it help you as a boxer?

Demetrius Davis: When I met the love of my life, my beautiful wife. That’s why I turned it over for her to be my manager. She’s been a big part of my life. She motivates me and encourages me so much. She’s a pastor and a mighty woman of God. Every good man needs a good woman and I thank God for sending her in my life when I was going through what I was going through.

CM: You’ve gone the distance on the road Thomas Tate, Omar Shieka, and Eric Lucas, with wins against Joseph Kiwanuka and recently against a 14-0 opponent. Do fights like these help you as you resume your career?

Demetrius Davis: Like I said, I don’t even think about the past anymore. I’m going forward. Right now, Black Ice (Cummings) is in my way because they are talking about a Jermain Taylor or Clinton Woods fight after this. Or Yusef Mack for the IBC, UFJ, and NABF- ALL three titles. This little belt is going to get me to the BIG belts.

CM: I hear that there is a $500 Knockout bonus in this fight. Is this true and are you going to go for it?

Demetrius Davis: I’m going to let God be the judge. I don’t ever go into a fight going for a knockout, because that’s when you get knocked out! But it’s not going to go 10 rounds.

CM: In closing, please tell readers what to look for in the future from Demetrius Davis.

Demetrius Davis: In the future just look for the next light heavyweight champion of the world! And I WILL be unifying the titles before I retire! God bless you all and Corey Cummings, I wish you well. God bless you too.

I wish to thank Matt Yanofsky for making this interview possible.

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