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Interview with Abner and Abisai Mares

Posted on 12/24/2015

By Fransico Martinez

Nowadays the American dollar goes long ways in Mexico more so than it does in American soil. You can literally feed the average American family with about $17 dollars over there. Shocking, right? I know. A few miles past the border you will find some of the best unheard of prospects in boxing. Abisai Mares (or Abi, as they like to call him) is one of those prospects. If the last name “Mares” rings a bell (as it should) then you’re a avid boxing fan. Training out the Zona Norte boxing gym (Erik Morales own gym) Abisai carries the same last name as 3 division world champion and older brother Abner Mares. Who made his way to Mexico in support of his younger brother, Abisai who managed to win his 5th pro bout in dominating fashion. “How are you feeling Abi (Abisai)? 4 round unanimous (decision) yeah?”

Abisai Mares: “Yeah man, I feel great. It was a good opponent, it was tougher then I thought” “Your 5th victory man…”

Abisai Mares: “5th one, it felt great. Won a decision, a lot of experience with this guy. I feel happy, I feel blessed” “Did you get tired out there?”

Abisai Mares: “I got tired the last round because like I said, the guy turned southpaw on me I didn’t expect that at all” “Did he catch you with some shots out there?”

Abisai Mares: “He did. He caught me with a lot of clean shots because I was keeping my hands down so, that’s an experience for me that I have to keep my hands up” “You had a lot of support, could you hear what everyone was saying (shouting)?”

(Amongst those in attendance where 4 division world champion Erik “El Terrible” Morales, WBC & WBA woman’s champion “La Princesa Azteca” Jackie Nava and wrestling legend Rey Mysterio along with brother, Abner Mares himself)

Abisai Mares: “No…” “…or you blocked it out?”

Abisai Mares: “I blocked it out. In the ring I have to do that so I can focus on the fight” “It didn’t affect you at all, at anytime?”

Abisai Mares: “No, it actually helped me a lot because I was getting tired and I was hearing people cheer my name. It felt good”

(The always humble Abner Mares joins in and weighs in on younger brother Abisai’s dominating performance) “How did you see your brother’s performance?”

Abner Mares: “It was good. It’s a performance, it’s a fight where he’s going to learn. It was a really tough fight against a really tough opponent from Durango (Mexico) great fight. He’s got a long way, he’s learning, it’s a learning process and he did great. I’m really proud of him, I’m always proud of my family win or lose I’m always there for them but today he got the win like always. Thank god, he’s on his way up” “Talking about coming a long way, you guys have come a long way. How satisfying is it to be in this position, all three of you guys, your brother Speedy, Abisai and yourself?”

(“Speedy” is Adan Mares. Who is the younger brother out of the 3 if I’m not mistaken. With 14 victories himself, he is also proving to have the great potential his brother Abner Mares had always shown leading up into his first world title bout against Colombian Yonnhy Perez which ended in a questionable draw that most felt Abner Mares clearly won)

Abner Mares: “It’s beautiful. Alongside from what I’ve done they’re doing their own thing. I’m happy, I’m excited, I’m privileged to see from the outside my brothers coming up. Thank god, I did what I had to do. It kind of opened the doors for them and it’s there. Not only are they going to be world champions, they’re going to surpass me. That’s the key and I hope they do that. I know they will” “Do you get anxious watching them?”

Abner Mares: “I get excited, I get really excited…”

As Abner Mares ask for a moment with his brother Abisai but not to express his sentiments of how proud he is of him but to share with him his world champion intuition. As Abner quickly began to point out some of things Abisai can fix, along with some of the things he can use that helped Abner Mares himself win titles in 3 divisions but most importantly, keep the Mares family as one. As you can see, Abner Mares is close to his roots of humble beginnings.

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