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Interview with Sergey Kovalev: “I have only one plan…Kick his….”

Posted on 11/01/2016

Interview with Sergey Kovalev: “I have only one plan…Kick his….”
By: Matthew N. Becher

Sergey Kovalev is the WBA, IBF and WBO unified Light Heavyweight Champion of the world. He has an incredible record of 30 wins, 0 losses, 1 draw and 26 wins coming by way of the Knockout. He is currently ranked top 5 on almost every single boxing writers Pound for Pound list and on November 19th, live on HBO Pay per view he will take on the former undisputed king of the Super Middleweight division Andre Ward. We were able to speak with Kovalev while he prepares for the biggest fight of his career.


Boxing Insider: Do you go into this fight thinking, “This is the biggest fight of my life.” Or is every fight just treated the same to you?

Kovalev: This is a regular fight for me, but this fight is seen as more important because it is on HBO pay per view. Also this fight makes the winner, the best pound for pound boxer. So it is seen as a very big fight, but for me it is like any fight before.

Boxing Insider: Do you have a game plan already, on how you will fight Andre Ward, or will you figure that out in the Ring?

Kovalev: I have only one plan…Kick his Ass.

Boxing Insider: Andre Ward is coming off of two lackluster performances. Do you see this as him stumbling moving up in weight or was he just trying to get more rounds in to get ready for you?

Kovalev: I think he did not need the rounds in the Light Heavyweight division. He is ready. He fought people in the Light Heavyweight division that he could make sure he could not have risk. We will find out who is best November 19th. I don’t say, “You’re best or I’m best”. We will find out who is the best. This makes interesting day in the boxing world.

Boxing Insider: Ward has just been starting to do a lot of talking as he begins training camp. Do you hear or read these comments?

Kovalev: Listen, I am here right now in my training camp and I don’t pay attention to any bullshit to who says something. To my side or to another side. I’m here to prepare my body for November 19th. Right now I just took 20 minutes to speak with you. I don’t care what somebody is saying. I am here for my job, in the boxing. I want to show what I came to do. This is fight that will show what happens in my future career.

Boxing Insider: Lots of fighters say that they are never looking for the knockout, “if it comes, it comes” they say. Can you knockout Andre Ward?

Kovalev: I don’t know. It depends on how I prepare, with my shape and my training camp. Knockout is not easy in boxing at this level. You never know what can happen when you get in the ring. We will be ready for everything. I don’t know what result will be you know.

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