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Insider Scully Weighs In On Pacquiao-Mayweather

Posted on 01/03/2010

John Scully has been involved in the sport of boxing since his teenage years and knows the business inside and out. Scully, a resident of Windsor, Connectitcut, has boxed for a world title, trained world champions, analyzed matches for ESPN Classic TV network, made friendships with the likes of Roy Jones and James Toney, and was inducted into the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame last year.

Regarding the Manny Pacquaio-Floyd Mayweather issue, Scully has been observing developments intently, like the rest of us. And he has a unique take on what is transpiring. “I think to some degree it is intentionally being hyped up to draw even bigger interest in the fight,” says Scully. “They are saturating the media with the controversy so that it can reach more mainstream fans. I think that it also shows what effect Pacquiao’s performances have had on Mayweather. Maybe it backfires on Floyd though. Meaning, maybe if Pacquiao passes all tests with flying colors, Mayweather will hesitate, at the thought of, ‘Wow, so this little dude really is doing all this damage naturally?!'”

Scully interprets Mayweather’s actions as actually being indirectly complimentary to Pacquiao. “It definitely shows a certain amount of respect from Mayweather for Pacquiao that he otherwise verbally won’t show. If I was to guess, strictly a guess, I would say Pacquiao is clean,” Scully said. “Either way though, Pacquiao may not have to do more than is required – for good reason, being that Mayweather has no right or jusridiction to call for such testing to be done.”

He offers an interesting analogy. “What if Pacquiao came out and says to the world, ‘I heard Mayweather has AIDS and I am fearful. I want him to be tested twice more by a very intense and more invasive testing than they do with the commission. I want to be extra sure he doesn’t have tainted blood that could harm me.’ Would Mayweather honestly be expected to honor such accusations by going through with a non-mandated test?”

“I’m like most boxing fans when I say I wish Mayweather would just go ahead and accept the fight. It’s going to happen sooner or later, obviously. The interest is there, the money is there, the mission is already accomplished. Let’s get it on.”

I would have to say that, realistically, giving enough blood to take one of those tests…on a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of how badly it would affect you, with 100 being the worst…I dont know, honestly… but to guess, I think legitimiately the number would be VERY LOW, not even above 10…now the MENTAL aspect could be another story…its like this…and u can find 10 fighters who will go one way and 10 who will go another but…take Red Bull for example…I know guys who say it makes them a monster and I know other guys who say it has absoluely no effect on them whatsoever…

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